Day 76 Low on power 16/11/13


Nov 16 2013Position: 44.47 S, 148.47 E

There’s no juice coming from the wind generator and after talking to a service rep it appears the problem is inside the motor and may be diodes or the rectifier. This means that I’m now on solar power only and will have to seriously rethink my consumption.

I’m fairly lean at the moment and welcome suggestions about how to further conserve.  

I have a NW wind at the moment and will head South and tack on the West wind when it fills in so I can leave Tasmania’s lee shore.  Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

Course: 225 T Speed: 4 knots Wind: NW 15-20 knots Waves: NW 1.5- 2 metres Cloud: 100% Temp 13 C Baro: 1018 Miles in last 24 hrs: 110 nm


  1. paul cooper says

    can you adapt your alternator off the motor to work on your wind turbine?

  2. Hi Glen, cutting back on the internet should save you some power. Stay safe out there……Steve B.

  3. I am sorry about your change in the power sources. I hope you will solve this our come up with an alternative.

  4. Glen, there’s not much that anyone can tell you that you don’t know. My only thoughts are limiting computer run/charge and AIS time (if using). Clean the solar panels often and break out the candles.

  5. Hi Glen,
    I wondered once if your prop was fixed or free-wheeling and was just now thinking about a power source for your problem. Do you have anything that you could run off your propeller shaft like a spare alternator or even the one from your engine? I realise that’s a stretch but as you know, there’s a fair bit of power to be taken off a free-wheeling shaft.

    John Bernard

  6. Sonia Polson says

    Just saying aloha and sending some positive energy for your generator glitch. You are making great progress and I’m enjoying reading about your journey. Safe travels all the way! :)

  7. Do you have a trailing generator?

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