Day 79 Daily spectacle 19/11/13

Nov 19, 2013Position: 43.53 S, 143.25

I’m up at 5 am every morning just as first light appears and about 45 minutes before the sun makes its entrance which I witness from my front row seat. At day’s end the sun gives another performance at around 9 pm for which I have those same seats reserved. The evenings just before dark are when I plan how I’m going to set up the boat while I sleep. I spend time with the weather report from Ron Kolody and figure out the sail plan for the night, one that will keep us going well but also will give me enough time to wake up and put on my rain gear which i never go on deck without, and make sail changes to suit the weather.  

Last night, the sunset performance was nothing short of biblical. From horizon to horizon the sky was filled with about a dozen active rain squalls all with that tell tail grey sheet streaming from the bottom of the cloud, some darker than others. Meanwhile, the sun was setting. The dark shadow on the water in front of these huge grey bladders is also a sign that the wind was coming. With so many around us I knew we could not dodge them all and that we were going to be blustered by several that lay waiting for us. The first one drove into us and temporarily heeled us over and gave us a refreshing wash down and then moved past toward the east. Almost immediately after the squall passed, a full brilliant rain bow appeared so crisp and clear I thought I could reach out and touch it. Within minutes, another full arch stretched above us with both ends anchored in the sea. They were so close together that they appeared as one very wide rainbow, something I had never seen before. It was spectacular and I think the very remoteness of the location gave it even more mystique.  I was left staring and trying to download it to a memory bank  so I could replay it again in a time of need. On the west side of the stage, the sun was giving an equally stunning performance, hiding behind the other rain clouds with only its bright red rays outlining the backs of the clouds. It finally burned a hole in one cloud just as it hit the water and flashed its rays across the water into my wide eyes,and after a brilliant performance the curtain came down and night was upon us. 

I made my sail choices and retired for the night filled with wonder at the world I’m sailing through.   

Course 330 T Speed 5.4 kts Wind SW 10 Waves SW 1.5 m Cloud 60% Temp 12 C Baro 1017 Miles in last 24 hrs: 110 nm





  1. Dear Glenn, what an amazing piece of prose!……and I thought it was just a question of water, water everywhere and nothing else!! Wish we were there to share the spectacle with you. Best wishes, Marijke and Sam

  2. Glenn Wonderful description. Very vivid, like being there. You have a keen and observant eye. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your experiences and observations daily.

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