Day 8 Solar power September 9, 2013

  Sept 9, 2013 2045close

 36. 19.8 N, 132. 24.4 W @20:45 PDT

The wind generator is not producing much power on this point of sail, except in the evening. I’m getting power only from my Solar panels at this point and being conservative in my power usage. I’ve been organizing the boat and taking inventory of everything over the last 4 days. Very few sightings so far –  I saw one fish boat last night. One small flying fish arrived on deck this morning. I’m thoroughly enjoying the balmy weather… while it lasts.

Heading: 224 true Boat speed: 7 knots Swell: 2.5 metres N Temp: 22 C in cabin, 18 – 19 C on deck Sky: broken cloud  Miles in last 24 hrs: 150

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  1. I’m wondering why you are taking a boat inventory AFTER you left shore? (not criticizing, just interested learning why sailors do things the way they do). Thanks.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Good question!
      The simple answer is I didn’t do one before I left because I didn’t have the time. Marylou and my two daughters started the repackaging and vacuum bagging of all my food two to three weeks before I left. A lot of food was put on the boat a few days before I left. In fact, I was still loading food the day I left. (Glenn was handed a lot of parcels of food, snacks, beverages etc. up until the day he left). I was still building things inside the boat the day before I left. If you wait to make sure everything is catalogued before you left, you’d never leave. I was working full time at my “job” up until two days before I left. It’s always been important for us to just do things and it’s surprising how much that adds to the adventure. I hope in some small way that gives you a glimpse into the mind of a doer. The other reason to catalogue now is it’s a pleasant surprise to find out exactly what I did bring and what I forgot. On my last trip, I lost my mom’s xmas pudding and it took me two months to find it. Of course I didn’t tell my mom that…
      Thanks for your interest Jeffrey.
      Cheers, Glenn

  2. Alex Laframboise says

    Hello Glen
    Con-grad on your endeavor so far. Keep up the good work. Hope all continues to go well for U. Look forward daily to hearing about your trip.

  3. Aggie Hebert-Mondry says

    Really enjoying reading about the voyage. Thank you.

  4. Aggie Hebert-Mondry says

    Very happy for you and I wish you success throughout your voyage.
    Aggie Hebert-Mondry,
    Follower from Comox

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