Day 93 Towards Cape Leeuwin 3/12/13

 Dec 3 Cape LeeuwinPosition: 37.12 S, 116.22 E

The wind started coming around to the south west at about 1:00 am this morning  so I roused myself up from a deep sleep and a very warm bunk with great difficulty and self motivation to put on my wet gear and head out in to the pitch black cold night with my tiny LED head light to guide me. I stayed for awhile in the cool damp dark night to make sure all was well before climbing back into that comforting welcome sheepskin and the pure solitude of sleep. Just before, I thought I would try the phone and see if I could connect with MaryLou and hear that sweet pretty little voice of hers. I did and we had a most joyful chat. I was up again at 3:30 and again at 5:30 just to make sure we were making the best of the wind shift. Now, mid morning, the seas are 4 metres and the wind is blowing 15 knots making sailing off the wind difficult.West is where we want to go but heading northwest will keep us in the favourable wind till week’s end, so we are sailing off the wind and the vane has a very difficult job of keeping us on course. I have been up hand steering for several hours just to make the best of the wind we get.

Sailing west about is very difficult at times and sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my head in the right space in order to keep going. It is amazing to think I sailed twice as far on my last go round. My days are long and I try to fill them with positive thoughts and energy and some days I have to dig pretty deep to keep this show on the road. Not a lot different than life in general, I suppose. Whether you’re trying to sail around the world single handed or just make it through another day at work, sometimes it’s a struggle. I feel lucky to be here attempting what I set out to do. May whatever force that articulates the universe watch over me and help me when I need it and take care of all of you as well.

Course 282 T Speed 5 knots Wind S 15 Waves S 3-4 m Cloud 100% Temp 13C Baro 1026 Volts 13.77  Distance to 115 E (Cape Leeuwin): 67 nm 



  1. John Green says

    Well done Glenn. Your name came up twice at the AGM last night. All of RVYC is behind you

  2. Doug Turner says

    Hi Glenn,

    A few days ago we were walking past several waterfront “All Inclusive Hotels” in Baja. I asked Liz, “where would you rather be; sailing solo around the world like Glenn, or spend the time sitting in an all inclusive hotel for the next several months?” Without hesitation “sailing solo around the world”, and this from a woman who dreads the thought of getting anywhere near a boat.

    So when you find the days and nights long, please remember that the challenge makes it all worth while.

    Doug & Liz (not at an “all inclusive”)

  3. May that force be with you, dear Glenn. Think on the sunrise that always follows the dreary hours before dawn, and remember that the one and only thing that matters is that you never are solo. We feel so close, though you are so far away. Love from Mike and Jean

  4. Sheila Lukasiewich says

    HI Glenn,
    Have been following your trip and glad to hear the exercises are helping your back.Great idea to add some stretch and strength! Hope the shoulder is holding up as well. Averil and I are urging you on and check on your progress regularly.May the wind be with you. Sheila

  5. Steve Robinson says


    I look forward each day to reading your posts and seeing your progress, it is an amazing adventure you have undertaken, one which I am blessed to share with you through your emails. I am sure there are times when you must feel very lonely but remember that there are many people reading your posts and thinking of you constantly throughout the days.

    Best of luck.


  6. Rob DeGros says

    Hi Glenn

    I could feel your pain….having to crawl out of the warm sheepskin. Good thing you have willpower and perseverance in spades pal. Your writing and your insights are amazing….very heartfelt….thanks for taking the time and the trouble to share with everyone. Love and best wishes from all of us here, especially Kula. PS Do you know where my jig saw is ?

  7. Hi Glenn,
    Your energy and determination are inspiring to me. The other day your heartfelt situation with the albatross were deep and heartfelt. I love your raw energy. Many thanks for sharing with all of us.
    You are the real thing my friend.
    Love and admiration, Jim

  8. Mike King-Brown says

    Hi Glenn, I read Going Solo every day, and think about you and your adventure at least as often, you are never far from my thoughts or my heart. You are truly an inspiration for us all, not only in your ability to keep going, but also for your concern for our well being! I am truly sorry I was not at dockside to see you off, know that I am truly with you now, in the great spirit that articulates the universe, as you put it so well. I love your writing, I really feel part of your everyday existence, in there with the sights, sounds and smells that you describe so well, and that I got to experience for a brief time last May! God Bless, my friend, love Michael


    Hi Glenn
    You are in out thoughts. Sounds like things out there are tough but so are you .
    Hang in there – you can do this.
    Love Ann & Steve xo

  10. steve sonneveld says

    Just remember at the end it will be the things you didn’t do or didn’t try to do which you regret, not the things you do. When there is a goal such as your challenge , life has purpose and excitement.
    Enjoy, embrace the challenge ,

  11. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Gosh Glenn,
    Your comment about sailing round the world single handed or making it through another day at work really rang true for me. After spending 51 years at work, less 2 1/2 years to birth my lovely Christopher and Kate, I think I know where you are at. I am considering throwing in the towel but find it so hard to take the plunge.
    It was great to hear your voice last week, or should I say you hearing mine as I had just experienced a swarm of approx 1000 bees swarm into the front of our property after their nest being disturbed on the reserve behind. I don’t think I let you get a word in edge ways. Many apologies. Good ending though, the bees departed as swiftly as they arrived.
    God speed away from my Aussie continent.
    Sal x

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