Day 85 Sunshine 25/11/13

Nov 25, 2013Position: 41.52 S, 129.17 E

A wonderful way to start my day with the sound of MaryLou’s sweet voice on the phone. I’ll be glad to get to half way so that it’s shorter to keep going than turn around.  

I awoke early this morning to sunshine and blue sky and a breeze building from the west. We are sailing again now after drifting most of the night with a triple reefed main to steady us in the flattened seaway with a low undulating surface. This more tranquil seaway allows me to keep sails up and not have the wind shaken out or start the nerve-racking and destructive slatting.

When I got dressed and went on deck to clean the solar panels, I was greeted by three albatross gliding back and forth across our transom. The amazing thing is they seem to react to my being there. They start to come closer and eventually land beside West Wind. I was able to shoot some video and we had a good chat. They are from around here and wondered if I had any breakfast for them! The odd thing to me was that there were several, what I thought to be, Chatham albatross and a Royal Albatross. They were obviously hanging out together and all three of them landed within a few feet of each other for a sort of meeting beside the sail boat. I think they thought I was a stingy bugger for not throwing them some breakfast. As you can see it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained. Yesterday afternoon’s glorious sunshine, prompted a flurry of cleaning. My hair got washed and some under garments as well the inside of the boat. The cockpit was strewn with rain gear and cloths being dried.  I even  washed my comb. All of these things wether small or large go into having a good feeling about my surroundings and myself. I think it’s all part of the human condition to have some control over our environment in order to feel good about ourselves.

At times, because of the great turbulence that surrounds me, my comfort is compromised and I feel less in control. These ebbs and flows of emotion and the ability to cope with them are what my voyage is all about, on one level. I’m constantly thinking about how to keep the boat going, stay dry, feed myself well, and stay motivated to carry on. This morning with its bright warm sunshine and the sound of Marylou’s voice leaves me with a warm, optimistic feeling about what I’m doing and where I ‘m going.

Course 220 T Speed 4 knots Wind NW 10 Waves NW 1 metre Cloud 95% Temp 15 C Baro 1015 Miles in last 24hrs: 75 nm Volts 13.47



  1. Hey Glenn,
    Glad to hear you and Westwind II are moving along. Please tell more about the starry nights where you are you get a lot of those in the south available. Have you done a lot of previous astronomical reading. I eagerly look up the terminology and watch videos that u use to describe your methods and visualize you moving along… onward and homeward bound!!

    Stay safe n rest well when needed you’re always in our thoughts!


  2. steve sonneveld says

    how to keep motivated always difficult. I used to stand in cockpit and run on spot for 1 hour every day to maintain the muscle power in my legs. also used up an hour of time each morning after breakfast. my coping mechanism is routine , routine , interspersed with maintenance on boat , followed by routine sail management.
    Halfway is major psychological boost as much as good wind and weather.
    have a good day

  3. Hi Glenn,

    I have been following your progress every day. What a wonderful adventure for you and your soul.
    Having sailed in the past myself, I can only dream of being on the water. You describe in such a honesty how you feel and what goes around you. Thank you so much for giving me a very beautiful picture. Best wishes on your voyage.

    Your and MaryLou’s fan, Pavla

  4. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Glenn
    Phew. Thank goodness you have washed your undies. We were beginning to get a little concerned!!!
    Cheers Sal and Geoff xx

  5. marianne scott says

    Hello Glen,
    IT’s great to read your reports and musings everyday. I’m glad you’re more than halfway and I hope you can fulfill your quest. I can imagine how cheerful it must be to hear Marylou’s voice. And that albatrosses can break up some of the loneliness. Keep up the good work.


  6. Alan Strickland says


    We follow your posts daily and read your accounts with great interest and appreciation of all you must be going through. Your word sketches of encounters with sea/bird life are wonderful and really portray the special connectivity there is between all earth’s creatures.
    Stay safe, and please know that there are many whose thoughts are with you as you continue your great and challenging journey.

    Alan and Marylou Strickland

  7. Good to hear you spoke to MaryLou. Did she tell you that she held my humble hand as we sent thoughts across the universe to you while the Capriccio Choir in Victoria, BC sang out to you my ‘Dance of the Waters’. As I read your journals, I feel the rhythm of the waves. I’ll surprise you soon with a second recording with an acoustic and classical guitar. Heading to the Atlantic. May you sail well and the spirit of water and wind be with you. Ellie Dufresne

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