Day 9 Light airs September 10, 2013

Sept 10, 2013 noon close

35. 16.9 N,  133 44.7 W @12:00 PDT

Wind: Less than 5 knots Waves: 2.5 metres Sky: Clear Wind light, difficult to steer. No cloud, hot sun. No sleep. Having a tough day!

@0:3:15 PDT

It’s the middle of the night. I’ve been up since before midnight adjusting West Wind’s sails. I knew the winds would eventually die down and shift direction sometime tonight after looking at the Grib files. It is overcast and visibility is only possible with the LED head light. I took two reefs out of the main then accidentally gybed. It is difficult to be up in the middle of the night doing sail changes and slightly more bearable when it is warm. Now for forty winks.

Dawn appears grey. Grey sea and sky low. The wind has gone down and left an unwelcome lump. Through the low clouds a single shaft of light beams down as if searching for someone. A pair of bright white tropic birds circle from overhead. On the deck, a small flying fish, wings spread wide sticks in the scuppers, and from below the kettle whistles demanding to be made into tea. So starts another day at sea.

White tailed tropic bird

@ 16:00 PDT

I’m afraid I’ve worked myself into a bad spot. It’s now almost four o’clock in the afternoon and the wind has been very light and the sea very high, the combination of which has worn me out. I’ve been trying to hand steer since the wee hours of this morning.

It’s been a very hot day and I have not been able to get the Fleming to work at all in the light wind. I put a small bracket on it for an auto helm some time ago and as it turns out it is just enough to set it off in light air. It dawned me a hour ago that that might be the problem. I am over tired and have not had enough to eat. The wind has now completely died and I’m just going on deck to drop the sails and take them and me out of this terrible din…

I’m back, I made an adjustment and although there is little wind we are now doing 4.5 knots on a reasonable course so I will suffer with the noise a little longer. The only reprieve will be to take them all down have something to eat and have some sleep. I’m a little stubborn so while I can make some forward motion I will. 


  1. Pat and Fred Lark says

    hey, get some sleep.Not too bossy am I? Sleep is the best for body, mind, and soul. Just so you know it is sunny and a balmy 20 C on the prairies with the biggest, bluest sky.

    Pat and Fred

  2. Alan Campbell says

    Hello Glenn! Reading your Day 9 — take it conservatively, captain. If you have to heave to and just rest for a while, do so. You are in charge of being your own competitor! Lots of time and lots of nauts to go. be well and stay hydrated.

  3. Graham Barnard says

    Only one way to go Glen, were pulling for you, sleep is important.

  4. Mark Griffiths says

    Glenn, I’m very much enjoying your journey vicariously! Food and rest makes for a clear mind and improves the spirit!

  5. Thanks for your postings,I enjoy your manner of writing,it gives me the feeling of being there with you.Hugs Wayne & Judy

  6. Rule of the sea: Wind less than 5 knots + 2.5 meter swells + flogging sails + no self steering + sleep deprivation + hypoglycemia = crappy day! Wishing you a change of conditions tomorrow mate! Pete B.

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