Day 90 Bumpy ride 30/11/13

Nov 30, 2013

Position: 40.07 S, 118.19 E

It’s 05:30 am here and although the sun is trying unsuccessfully to push its warm morning rays through the grey quilt. We are once more beating into big seas and the motion is lively. I had a very good sleep last night – only up twice in the night to shorten sail and on one trip I stopped in the galley and made myself a rather large pancake and filled it with Nuttela. It was warm and delicious and a little sticky.

We will be beating into this wind for the next day or so on a port tack headed north. The motion is something to be endured and taken lying down if possible. It is cool in the cabin this early in the morning and my hands are cold but as soon as I make my tea I will be able to warm them up and my insides as well. I will be doing yoga stretches for my sciatica and my squats as well. I do about ten sessions of 30 reps throughout the day, and am feeling much better for it.

Last night I talked to Claire on the ham radio. She was invited to join Cliff and Isobel’s at their home in Balclutha which was very kind of them. I still have a bit of a buzz from talking to her. It was very special to talk to her.

Course 325 T Speed 4.5 knots Wind W20-25 knots Waves W 3-3.5 metres Cloud 100% Temp 13 C Baro 1007 Miles in last 24 hrs: 95 nm Volts 13.60 






  1. Deb Carere says

    Glenn the thought of warm pancake with Nutella, warm cup of tea, Yoga and a conversation to warm your heart and soul with your darling daughter…..sounds like paradise to me……keep up the positive thoughts and attitude dude! Lots of love Deb

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