Day 91 On to a new chart 1/12/13

Dec 1, 2013 

Position: 39.45 S, 118.06 E

It’s cool down below. We’re beating into 3 meters of gun metal grey surf, whipped up by a 20 knot westerly. The sun is shining through breaks in the overcast sky. West Wind II has her starboard shoulder down and is pushing forward as we inch towards a line on the western horizon down from Cape Leeuwin that will mark our entrance into the Indian Ocean and exit from the Great Australian Bight. We’re on to a new chart which extends just past Africa and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Ron has forecast 35 knot westerlies for this afternoon and through the night till mid morning tomorrow. We’re only able to point to 340T in the 20 knot winds and I don’t expect us to do as well in 35 knots. I may deploy the drogue off the stern and wait till the wind changes to Southwest and then South. Beating into 35 knots for 36 hrs heading north takes us too close to Cape Leeuwin. We may lose some miles east but with a south wind coming we will put those miles under us soon enough. 

Time slips away here on board and keeping my space liveable and dry takes up a lot of time. I try to keep things organized and tidy as it is such a small space and can get cluttered very quickly. At the moment I’m reading Overlanders 1858 Gold, a story that chronicles the journeys of groups of people that make their way west across the prairies and the Rockies to find gold in the Fraser River in the 1850s. It’s really about human struggle, something I’m  very familiar with and live every day, but with out the company.

I don’t  exactly feel alone out here because I talk to people every day on the ham radio as well as send and receive emails. With out that, this voyage would not be a possibility for me or my family. To communicate with others is very important. One of the great rewards as well as a motivator has been the supportive voices of so many people from around the world, most of whom I have never met that leave comments on MaryLou’s blog and cheer me on.

Thank you all very much. I very much appreciate your comments and support. 

Course 344 T Speed 4 knots Wind W 30knots Waves 4m  Cloud 45% Temp Os 14 C  Baro 1009 Volts 13:11


  1. Very cool. I totally drift into the imagination station, feeling as though I’m sailing solo myself in west wind II as I read these daily doses of awesomeness. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us all.

  2. Hey Glenn, we and many others around this globe look forward to your daily narrative as a focal point of the day. It is like reading a short chapter of a good novel every night! Too bad about the Albatross, I could really feel your pain. I wonder how many of these beautiful birds get caught by the big ocean fisheries!
    Next milestone is half way – wow. You are doing so well.
    James and Louise

  3. Susan Bassett says

    Your posts are the first thing I read in the morning, warm and cozy here near Seattle, cold clear beautiful morning, snow later tonight. Getting ready for Seahawks Football game on TV. Glad you are on a new chart!

  4. Georgina and Lawrence says

    Glenn, we continue to follow your adventure with the utmost interest–and awe.

    With you every day, cheering from the gallery,
    Georgina and Lawrence

  5. Glen: I’m following your posts — an addict to them. Congratulations on 3 months at sea and best wishes as you start across the Indian Ocean.

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