Day 97 Heading North 7/12/13


Dec 7, 2013Position:  34.05 S, 104.53 E

Course 320 T Speed 2.5 -4 knots Wind SE 10 Waves SE 1.5 – 2 metres Cloud 100% Temp 14 C Baro 1026 Volts 12.7  

It’s early morning and I’m sitting at the nav station. The steam from my mug of earl grey tea climbs up like the smoke from Alladin’s lamp. I have been up out of my warm and cosy cocoon since before 05:00, drawn by West Wind’s clear message that the wind is dying and she needs some guidance and TLC in order to keep going. I was happily able to assist her on her way and we are now romping along across the chart at six knots heading further north in order to stay in this southerly wind that propels us ever further west. While waiting for the kettle to boil I looked eastward through the main hatch at a small crack in the grey cloud cover along a slightly rippled line between grey sky and grey sea. The sun tried to blaze a hole between the two like a light under a door that opens onto a new day. The blazing orange and red light passed under the crack of the door and for a short while filled the horizon with warm light. It then penetrated the thinning cloud to radiate its warmth making what bare sky was visible a beautiful light robin’s egg blue. The solar panels have been awakened from their nocturnal hibernation and have signalled their awakening with a bright green light. It is the dawning of another day in the great adventure of our lives. I hope it is a fulfilling day and that you find warmth of friendship and gratifying challenges to round out your day. Alladin’s lamp is empty now and it’s time for a pot of oatmeal to get the day off and running along with 30 squats and some stretching exercises.  I am thinking of all of you and especially my MaryLou. Have a great day with warmth and brightness. Fond regards to you all.

Course 295 T Speed 4 knots Wind SE 10-15 Waves S 2-3 metres Cloud 100% Temp 17 C Baro 1026 Miles in last 24 hrs: 103 nm Volts 12.80


  1. Hi Glenn and Marylou. We are so enjoying your emails, the sharing of your thoughts and adventure. You are in our prayers.

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