From all of us, to all of you


The past four months of sharing the ‘Going Solo’ journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

We’ve watched Glenn navigate all kinds of weather and sea conditions and have enjoyed his vivid descriptions of daily life on board West Wind II. We’ve learned something about the daily challenges of maintaining a sailing vessel and what it takes to keep him and the boat moving forward. We’ve also felt the inescapable emotional ups and downs of a solo sailor that are every bit as challenging.

It’s been a privilege for me to get your comments and messages of support and pass them on to Glenn. We thank you for your interest and kind words. It means the world to us to know we have a thoughtful, caring online and IRL community.  

Over the next few months, Glenn will be heading into what is unquestionably the most difficult part of his circumnavigation. We are especially thankful for the expertise and generosity of our team of ham radio operators in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa (and soon Argentina) who show up day in and day out (and often in the middle of the night) to provide critical weather forecasts and stellar advice on routing. They also show up in a big way to reach out in friendship, which is probably the single most important ingredient that is keeping
Glenn going. 

Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters who provide support financially, and goods and services in kind. It is very much appreciated.

From all of us to all of you, the very best of the season and a happy new year. 

Glenn, MaryLou and family. 



  1. Joyeux Noël and Merry Christmas Glenn & Marylou from Quebec City at -18 and snow. May the sun shine on you and the wind blow you where you want to go. Doug

  2. Paul & Liz Taylor says

    Hello, Glenn, Marylou and family,

    Thank you so much for your regular reports about your journey. We are not sailors so we do not always relate to the technical references, but we are following along with you with great interest! As we celebrate Christmas with our family, our thoughts are with those who are miles apart from their loved ones. Keep the reports coming, we love reading about your journey. Paul & Liz Taylor, Victoria, BC

  3. Colleen M. Lumb says

    Merry Christmas Glenn, Marylou and Nikhola! I wish you all the best in your wonderful adventure. Love, Colleen

  4. MaryLou and Glenn, thanks so much to both of you for taking us ‘armchair sailors’ along on your amazing adventure. Merry Christmas to you both! Stay warm and dry and safe and fed and loved, and all the best in 2014. It was great to meet you at LNE, MaryLou.

  5. We enjoy the Going Solo updates every day – thinking of you daily Glenn and wishing you and yours health and happiness. All the best over the next few months! We will be following with great interest and care! Love Muffy & Bill

  6. willem de Haan says

    merry christmas and healthy happy 2014, willem

  7. As I thought of what Glenn is up to, I began to think I’d like to do it also… then I thought: It’s probably everyman’s dream – Adventure On The High Seas! Or perhaps, more simply: ‘Adventure!’ (to accommodate those of us who love Adventure, and the LIFE of an Adventurer, but cannot quite set into an ‘Ocean Crossing Size’ adventure).
    I was about to fall into the trap of envying Glenn and his current adventure when I suddenly realized, (looking back at my almost 65 years) with some satisfaction, that I have indeed lived a life of adventure. I’ve been a businessman, a dishwasher, a bum, a working musician, a newspaper reporter (endless list to follow). I took my family on a ‘Round The World’ trip touching down in 14 countries, I speak several languages, I’ve lived in almost every province of Canada… I’ve had lots of money, lost lots of money, I know how to make money and I know how to live without it. Above all, I can still dream of the NEXT adventure; the next upset of my life and all the gifts that will come of it! Thank you Glenn (and family) for the reminder. Sincerely, I’m Satisfied.

  8. Rick Townshend says

    Glenn, Marylou and family,
    Thank you for letting us experience the incredible journey you are all on! All the best! Rick from Vic P.S. Huddy! Huddy!

  9. Doug Aalseth says

    And thank you for letting the rest of us share in this great adventure.

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