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  1. Bob & Maureen Bennett says

    We wish you a speedy recovery and safe return to Canada.
    Blessings and prayers for you and the family.
    Bob & Maureen Bennett

  2. Rob Terstall says

    Glenn, I wish you a speedy recovery. Look forward to hear about your return to Victoria. Nothing like be surrounded by family and friends. Take care and stay safe.

  3. The Bacon Family says

    Good luck to all!

  4. Georgina & Lawrence says

    Welcome back, Glenn–and West Wind II!
    Georgina and Lawrence

  5. Rob DeGros says

    Hi Glenn – You old Energizer Bunny you ! Glad to hear you are nearing home and look forward to a rendezvous sometime soonish to chew the fat or textured vegetable protein or whatever people chew these days. Unhydrogenated of course.

  6. Dear Glenn
    It will be wonderful to have you home.
    Next adventure, kayaking in the moonlight with the ladies, dinner on the deck
    Jim and Lyanne

  7. Grant Rainsley says

    You will be getting the sniff of land any time now……and closer to home. Good on ya, we are thinking about you.

  8. Hi Glen,
    I am a ham and just heard u on 14.290….in a group….very good signal here in NW states.

  9. GLENN AND BOATS AND LONG ADVENTURES We are all thinking about you here at our job in Ladner. 3 more days til home.
    Your friend Bevin

  10. Glenn, I know you have an inkling of how Judy and I feel about your most recent decision. The sooner we see a picture of WWll on the horizon heading for anchor in Oak Bay, the better we will feel. Holding our breath until then will be the challenge. My father used to say (at times when he thought that I had made a particularly wise decision) “Too soon we get old ‘und’ too late we get ‘shhhmart’ “. Happy to hear you are pointing the bow homeward. Love Judy and Mike

  11. Lawrence Pitt says

    Aye Skipper. Head north for the tropics and then bring ‘er on home. A good decision and a great adventure. More adventures to come after you get home.

    Best regards,


  12. Peter Campbell says

    Hello Glenn, been enjoying your ride but I must admit that I was terrified just reading your report about heading back to New Zealand into 12 foot waves FOR FOUR DAYS! My idea of hell, so your idea of hell must be something else (I’ll buy the beer).

    I’ll be interested in seeing how your GoPro Kite scenario works out. I imagine you climbing to the top of the mast and dancing while the camera rolls flying forty feet above you. Or not. All the best in health and adventure to you, sir!


    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Peter, don’t give him any ideas about going up the mast to fly the GoPro kite. Wouldn’t it be just like him to think that was a great idea (not).

  13. Barry Mitchell says

    Fair winds my very special friend.

  14. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Guys
    We had no idea that Glenn was back in the South Pacific again. What’s the plan?
    Cheers from The Dolmans Downunder.

  15. Lori Wheeler says

    Hello Glenn and Claire

    Merry day-after-Christmas!! I hope that you both are having a great time and that the sailing is going well. What an adventure for the two of you! So nice that you get to experience this journey together. And best wishes to you, my dear friend Marylou, on land.

    I am in the warm, comfortable space of Mom and Dad’s home in Manitoba right now and I’ve been thinking about how warm and comfortable you may or may not be right now out on your boat. Hopefully all is well.

    I wish the whole Wakefield family a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2016. Safe travels!

    Love Lori

  16. What is the status of the leak?

  17. John Caldicott, from Powell River Canada says

    I like your updates they feel like I share your challenges. Please post as many pictures as you can. You know what they say , a picture is worth a thousand words . :)

  18. Hi Claire and Glenn, Good on you mates! Tahiti bound, sounds delightful. We both wish you a safe and adventure filled voyage.
    Keep the blog coming. James and Louise

  19. Hi Glenn and Marylou
    Well we ALMOST got to see each other next week!! I SO would have loved to catch up with the two of you and receive one of those most amazing hugs from Glenn. It’s been far too long since we have seen each other. I’m happy to hear that the two of you will be together for Christmas. I will try again at another time to meet with you in Victoria or elsewhere. . . who knows where the winds will blow us hey? Please pass along “Merry Christmas” to Claire and Nicola. Love you all!! Lori

  20. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Guys,
    Wish we knew more about sailing but unfortunately we do not have the expertise to add more sensible and intellectual comments on your voyage Downunder. However, we are keen to follow your experience and hope that all goes well. Sydney today was around 28-30 degs with storms out to sea. This weather pattern will remain for approx one week. Would love to catch your voice over sat phone if opportunity arises. Take care and hope the tummy improves.
    Cheers Sal and Geoff

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Sally and Geoff
      Thanks for the weather report. He does not have a sat phone on board the boat. Let’s catch up when we’re back in Canada.

  21. Congratulations on your arrival in Freemantle. My friend Tristan took some beautiful shots of your arrival – I can email them to you if you would like them. I am located in Ontario, Canada and lived on the west coast for 5 years. Your boat is beautiful – amazing refit! I sail an Aloha 27 on Lake Huron that I refit in 2008-2009. Enjoy the Aussie hospitality!

  22. Johna343 says

    I do consider all the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for novices. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post. gecebkfekkae

  23. Welcome home Glenn! We look forward to seeing you!!!
    Linda and Richard Blenkinsop and kids!

  24. Barbara Dashwood says

    Thanks for the update, Marylou. Glenn has been in our thoughts and we are very pleased to hear he has had recuperative, enjoyable and productive times in Fremantle and is on his way home. We look forward to further posts as you both reflect and move forward. God bless you both.

  25. Gil Hughes says

    Are you going for the Horn? or is it to late? I knew the Smeetons who tried it twice and capsized both times. They lived on salt spring Island I live in Deep Cove BC. I have lost track of Beryl as I have been away. If you cant
    go now will you try later?

  26. Linda Newland says

    Best of luck in getting things squared away in Australia. So sorry it had to end this way but you made the practical and correct decision. You’ll get around this brick wall of effort #2….just ask Jeanne Socrates….third time is a charm and I fervently hope for you there is a third time so you can realize your dream.

  27. Maurice n Michiko says


    Michiko and I are thinking of you every day. It looks as if you are within sight of a safe berth and some Aussie hospitality.
    You sound as if you are in a good space and are dealing with the situation, displaying your usual fortitude and positive attitude. This adventure hasn’t ended – its merely taking a different tack!
    Stay safe. Maurice and Michiko

  28. Lawrence (Larry) Graham says

    Glenn: It was again a thrill to say hi on the Southrern Cross DX Net. May I suggest that you start dreaming about being a best selling author…your writing is beautiful and inspiring. In our personal lives through rough seas we are hanging on tight because of your wonderful motivation. Bless you! Lawrence (Larry) Graham W4VES, Lynchburg, VA

  29. Lori Wheeler says

    Hi Glenn
    I just had a great conversation with Marylou. I don’t know why I don’t call more often, because I always love getting caught up and having a laugh when I do. I hadn’t heard about the rigging issue and having to turn back to Australia until I spoke with ML tonight. I’m so sorry that this is the end of this trip, but by no means the end of your journey. I believe that there is so much yet to come as it relates to this trip and all that you have seen and learned. I will make a point of coming to visit you guys once you are home so that I can hear first hand about some of your adventures.Have a safe journey home. Take care! Lori

  30. Patrick Dickie says

    Very sorry to read about your rigging. I’m sure it must be very disappointing to have to turn back from your goal. But it is the journey that matters, not the destination. You have certainly had an incredible journey so far, and it will continue. All the very best in the coming year – safe travels.

    • Dear Glen and Marylou, Andrew and I wanted to say how utterly gutted we are that you are unable to continue with your quest/adventure. You must be devastated, we certainly would be! We have spent a similar amount of time, effort and thought recently, getting Andrew and Elsi Arrub prepared for a very similar challenging circumnavigation. Indeed, Andrew had just calculated that Glen and he should have been rounding Cape Horn at about the same time, which would have been really good and interesting, we were looking forward to comparing notes.
      So our huge commiserations and hope you are able to try again in the not too distant future.
      With kind regards and warm thoughts
      Andrew and Alyson Halcrow

  31. Laura Gilchrist says

    Dear Glenn

    I have been following your updates closely and have thoroughly enjoyed having my imagination awakened by your vivid descriptions of the watery world that surrounds you. Unsurprisingly, I have especially liked your references to weather and forecast models, and reading about your recent brush with Bruce.

    I was saddened to hear of the rigging problem that has cut short your adventure, but I hope that it is some consolation to you that you found the issue when you did, rather than in more dramatic circumstances. I am glad that you will be docking safely in Australia in the near future, even though it will not be the finale to your adventure for which I imagine you were hoping. You are an inspiration, no matter how the story ends!

    So I wish you safe passage to port, and a Happy New Year.

    From a wet and windy island in the northeast Atlantic…


    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Laura. I’ll send this on to him and I know he feels your support all the way from the UK. Happy New Year to all of you there. ML

  32. Taylor Echlin says

    Dear Glenn: What a shocking discovery you made with your rigging. And then to agonize over what to do. I’m so sorry you had to make the decision to turn back. I cannot imagine what it must be like. All of us reading your daily blogs have been so encouraged by your enthusiasm, your positive attitude, and your superb seamanship. You have made the right decision. Safety at sea is foremost. We want you to be safe and to make the proper repairs to West Wind II. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you sail to Australia. Best wishes. Taylor

  33. Jody Banister says

    I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas!!
    In Montreal, we have had about 60 centimetres of snow in the last few weeks. As I type this (I sent my 11 year-old son to bed because Santa is coming – by the way does Santa deliver on sailboats? :)) it is -15 degrees here and -23 with the wind chill.
    If you ever have any moment of despair – know how many folks are reading about you, are thinking of you, wish you well and are WITH you in spirit.
    All the best to you, MaryLou and your daughters.
    Merry Christmas and a SAFE and healthy return to BC in 2014.
    Jody Banister xx

  34. Glenn: Wishing you a merry Xmas and may 2014 bring not too many calms, nor too many overly brisk winds, enough sunshine to keep the batteries charged and enough rain squalls to keep the water tanks full! I’ve been really enjoying your posts and look forward to the daily updates, thank you for sharing.

    All the best and have a safe passage!
    Ron Jewula

  35. The Bacon Family says

    Hello Glenn,

    All the very best and Merry Christmas!

  36. Hi Glen,

    Regarding your rubber bucket; don’t you have a metal one? We used to have one by regulation as rubber or plastic don’t do well in a fire.

    Do you have permanent jack-lines or something else rigged? Are you using some sort of video recorder such as Go Pro or whatever so you can put together a great movie when you get back? I’d like to buy one so your advice would be helpful.

    I mentioned some time ago how you can make an on-deck distillery; under good conditions you can make 2-3 or more litres of salt free water a day. Have you considered it?

    Do you take a celestial site (fix) once and a while just to stay in practice?

    What sort of battery set up do you have when you mention your voltage? This would give us a better understanding of your supply and needs. I mention this because I once mentioned to you if it was worth your while to make one or more solar panels moveable so they would be more efficient. In other words you could move it or them to more directly face the Sun.

    As far as I understand, my 45ft ketch was too heavy to work with a Fleming so I’m not too familiar with their finer workings. I did wonder though if you could under heavy conditions put a weight on the tip of the vane to add some power to the steering?

    I’m sorry but I just read that you are having a problem with your canned goods. We had some luck by dipping them in hot paraffin wax: do you have any spray paint or some such to do the job?

    This technique is too late for you egg problem but next time if you could get live unrefrigerated eggs from a farm. They are alive rather than dead from refrigeration and will last a long time. If refrigerated, par boiling for 5 seconds seals the eggs.

    Glen, I still envy your trek and how you are going about it. It was my idea when I built my boat so I will always regret not having done it.

    As always, good sailing. John Bernard

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks John. I’ll send these questions off to him. His eggs are fresh and unrefrigerated from a farm on the Saanich Peninsula, and have lasted really well for 107 days. He thinks it was the sharp rise in temperature below recently that set a few off. Good suggestion about the cans, but with a year’s supply of food on board, a substantial amount of it in cans, I’m not sure he would have had time to treat them in that way before he left. He is shooting some video on a Handy Cam, no Go Pro. Stay tuned … ML

  37. Taylor Echlin says

    Hi Glenn: Just wanted to send some words of encouragement. I look forward to reading your post every single day. You are doing marvellously well. You always maintain a positive attitude no matter what is happening on deck. Congratulations on your tremendous progress so far. The water problem will be solved by a good rain, hopefully soon. You will remember forever the ethereal moments you so joyously describe. Your descriptions are beautiful to read and imagine. What a wonderful journey. Best wishes. Taylor

  38. Hi Glenn
    Bing here. I’m so proud of you following your dream. I know within my heart that you will make it to the end. When you do, I will there welcoming you home. I wish you a safe journey home. I look forward to getting up in the morning and looking at your progress. Good luck and may the winds be with you. Everybody should have a Marylou, the world would be so much better off. Cheers Bing

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for your sweet note Bing. I’ll send it off to him. He’ll be looking for you among the crowd that will be standing on shore when he sails down the Straits and back home. All the best to you and your family this Christmas Bing. MaryLou

  39. Hi Glenn – I’ve been reading up on the Indian Ocean and have learned that in ancient Sandskrit literature it is called “Ratnakara” – the maker (creator) of jewels. Sounds like you will enjoy some dazzling sights in the days ahead!

  40. John Taylor says

    Bash on Glenn. There are some 700 of us sending you warm thoughts wishing you success and fair winds. We think of you daily and await your posts with high anticipation. We are with you in spirit and wish you speedy sailing, glorious sunsets, peaceful nights and clear but spectacular sunrises to great you each day.

  41. Hi Glenn and (MaryLou)!

    What a fantastic adventure you are having – all the best for a continued successful voyage.

    This from a sailing colleague of mine who is out your way at the moment…

    “What an interesting passage. Send him my best regards from Bunbury. I am probably 150 nm from his location. Hopefully he can see the loom of the lights on the horizon of Albany.”


  42. Sending positive thoughts for Glenn after reading the Dec 3rd post. You sir are an inspiration and I appreciate very much that you and MaryLou are sharing your adventure in real time. Keep Going!

  43. I’m just wondering what you are doing for vegetables and fruit. How are you keeping your eggs? Arlene

  44. Your latest post is so descriptive. You are such a good writer. Your positive attitude is inspiring. You give no hint of frustration when you have problems to deal with on the boat. Seeing those rain clouds and the resulting rainbows must certainly have been a spiritual experience. What source books do you have to identify the birds and fishes that you are seeing in the Southern Ocean? Have you been able to repair the wind generator? How is your elbow healing? When we sail on Lake Ontario in the summer it sure is cold at 0500 hours – I can’t imagine how cold it must be for you each morning. How are you keeping warm? I look forward to reading your posts every day. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Best wishes. Taylor

  45. Maurice Preece says

    Glenn Thanks for the call a few moments ago. You sounded in good spirits – but then, as a student in high school, you were such a positive element in my English classes. Your writing is still of the highest calibre and we love reading the posts each day. After vowing to never owning another sailboat I have just put-in an offer on a 31 foot Niagara! That was your inspiration – I must be crazy at the age of 78! You are a good man Glenn, and may the wind be always in your favour. Look after yourself.
    Maurice and Michiko

  46. Peter Ferlow says

    Lisa asked me to give you advice on the electrical situation. Is your wind turbine on your main mast or do you have it on a stub mast within reach? If within reach, perhaps you can pull it into the cabin and dismantle it to check the diodes with a multimeter? Should be a nearly shorted zero ohms reading one way and really high ohms reading the other way when using the multimeter probes on resistance (with the turbine fully disconnected). I’m not familiar with your vessel but if your inboard or outboard motor has a charging alternator you could run that for 30mins to get some charge into the batteries. If you are stopping along the way you can always try to get your hands on an extra solar panel and/or charge controller or even a replacement wind turbine.
    Good luck,

  47. Grant Rainsley says

    Wow, we just got a sat call from Glenn, and he just sounds terrific! Thanks Glenn, you not only made our day, but our month and maybe our whole year. Told Glenn to set about a week or so aside to handle all of the questions I am going to have for him. Sounds like his biggest “bad surprise” so far is that his can opener might not make it. Time for the hammer and screwdriver. We hope that is the biggest obstacle you hit Glenn, wishing you fair winds. The Rainsleys.

  48. Glen,
    The world has become such a small place with the instant communication that most people now carry in the palm of our hands. Rarely does the common person have the ability to follow along on a voyage like yours and realize just how big the world really is, and how small we are in it.
    Much has changed since I sailed across the Pacific in 1992/1993, We could not have imagined that communication while at sea would have ever been this easy. Of course the sea has not eased up on the sailor, It is fantastic that you are able to share your journey with us… both the good and the bad.
    As a neighbor just South of Victoria I am sure the entire Pacific Northwest will keep the light on for you.
    Safe Seas and Fair(hopefully less) Winds,
    LD Richert
    Port Townsend Wa.

  49. Alan Campbell says

    Hooray and congratulations on rounding Stewart Island. Be well and be careful, Captain! We cheer you and wish you well in the miles ahead.

  50. lisa marie says

    Hello Uncle Glenn!
    Can hardly believe you are into your third month at sea already! It seems like only a few weeks ago that we saw you in Victoria as you were about to set sail.
    Oskar and I were just reading some of your posts and of course he perked up when he heard of other kids asking questions about sea life you have encountered so far. We had a wonderful encounter ourselves recently with a playful humpback whale here off Bowen Island’s shores. He breached or us and everything! So Oskar was curious what kinds of whales you have seen so far?
    Sending you oceans of love and warmth every day while we enjoy reading of your daily trials and tribulations at sea. Great to see you connected with Claire. Hope you can get that sat phone working for a call home asap. We’re sending good communication vibes and much love. Keep steady and enjoy this undoubtedly cathartic experience! Lisa & Oskar xoxo

  51. malcolm cook says

    Good Day Glenn It’s November 4th 2013 1:39pm
    Days after your departure I caught your Cadboro Bay departure on the news here in Victoria. I am attending UVIC school for the MBA and just found your task fascinating. I often think of your journey and how you are engaged in an amazing event in your life and how you feel out in the vast body of water. I used to go out moose hunting with my dad while growing up in northern Manitoba when I was a child and as an adult. I was afraid of all the noises in the dark and what could possibly go wrong. As a child, it was normal but as I went out more and more I realized it was me who created this fear. I went out hunting by myself for a week as usual in the fall. This time without my dad. He had fell ill and did not recover. the greatest gift my dad gave me was that self control over my fear. In many areas in my life I value his gift, too me. It has allowed me to overcome ANY fear, any obstacle and really enjoy the moment I am in. I value everyday I have, cherish all the moments and share this gift with others I meet. I am very proud too sit on the beaches of Gyro in Cadboro Bay and think of you out under the stars that guide you above the nights during your amazing voyage…
    As an Aboriginal hunter to a explorer I will always put out Tobacco offerings for you and your family as you safely journey home guided from our ancestors! Ekosani (thank you) Malcolm

  52. Sonia Polson says

    Hi Glenn I’m following your amazing journey daily with huge interest and I’m sending positive thoughts to you and also to ML and your daughters every day. I enjoy seeing N when I go for a coffee next door….lovely as always!!! Step carefully out there when the wind blows hard and stay safe. Blessings and warm thoughts as the air turns colder.Sonia

  53. Hi ML Where I could see posts from day one?

  54. Dear Glenn;
    I think of you every morning when I wake up. Please remember Nothing is more important than coming home safely.

    Much love and Good Vibes coming your way every minute…..


  55. Karen and Mike Prince says

    Hi Glenn,

    We’re sitting here drinking our tea and reading your website in awe. Keep warm and dry and travel safely. You’re in our thoughts.

    Good luck and good sailing!

    Karen and Mike xoxo

  56. Doug Wilson says

    Hi Glenn,

    I am continuing to follow your journey and am amazed at how far you have travelled on wind power in what seems like a short period of time. While our ancestors have travelled the planet on sailing ships for centuries, it is still amazing even in this day and age, to see what a man and his sailing vessel can accomplish, and single handed at that. I wish you continued good luck and stay safe!

  57. Hi Glen;
    Good going man; still wish I was doing the same as you. I hope you got my note about distilling water for your battery.

    You’re coming up to some of the most exciting action on the planet so I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few maintenance questions. I rigged my 45’ ketch with galvanised iron because it’s much cheaper and it’s less susceptible to fatigue. Is your rigging done with swaging, Norseman or poured sockets? If one of the latter two everything is probably fine. If swaged you might want to check for signs of fatigue; if you see any, cable clamps will help.

    Do you have a shaft brake to stop your propeller from rotating? I had one that was nothing more than a stick that would break if I forgot to take it out when I started the engine.

    You have roller furling so if in a sudden and extreme wind you have trouble furling completely, can you drop it to the deck? This happened to me once and I was sure glad I could drop it.

    Until a few years ago I was an agnostic but according to Google, I’m a secular atheist and that’s okay. I was thinking if I was in your shoes, I’d have to go further south into the, Godless Fifties.

    I’m glad you are tuning into the, Albatross’s.
    John Bernard

  58. Wanda Annett says

    Your posts are so interesting with the descriptive language and excellent pictures.
    Each day is an adventure for all of us: please know that even in the night there are prayers for your safety. Sail on.

  59. Bert Chamberlainc says

    I am a retired teacher/principal and I am building a 14ft sailboat to sail down the Mississippi. If all goes well then maybe across the Gulf to Florida and then… Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Have fun, be safe, travel well. Bert Chamberlain.

  60. Hi Glen:
    Whenever you feel a sort of “tugging” on your vessel as you travel, its because we are all pulling for you! Cheers.

  61. Glenn

    I saw your report in a recent post about deck leaks:
    “I have been on deck and I think some of the water is coming from the stay sail tack on deck so as soon as it is dry for a while I will have a go at it with the caulking.”

    We know that deck leaks don’t always show when the boat is in protected or coastal waters, but when the hull and deck gets worked by offshore conditions, water comes in.

    Given you are at the sharp end of this experience, I was hoping you could offer insights into what the boatowner can do to prevent such deck leaks. Any practical tips – what type of sealants do you prefer; how best to bed a deck fitting; what constructions or features to avoid etc.?

  62. Lynn Gilchrist says

    Hi Glenn, congratulations on your 1st 50 days sailing. Mike enjoys reading your blog aloud to me everyday during breakfast. Your wonderful observations are a fascination for us both and a treat to follow. Thanks also to Marylou for co-ordinating all this so brilliantly. God speed and happy sailing. Love and best wishes from Lynn, Mike, Laura and David. xxxx

  63. Gunter Oldendorf says

    Hi Glen I am proud of you and your effort. Happy sailing.

    Your success and happiness lies in you.
    Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you
    shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
    – Helen Keller

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Glenn writes … The Helen Keller quote from Gunter is very true and I have taken it to heart. Thank you Gunter!

  64. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Glen,
    If you are keen to clean house, please feel free to drop into Sydney and give ours a go. Hope we can speak to you when you pass by own under.
    Good Sailing from Sal and Geoff Dolman

  65. Dave Botten says

    Hi Glenn
    I’ve been following your progress each day, and noted your observation of the ‘forces of nature’ you’re witnessing as you cruise along out there on the side of our planet. I recall a trip I was on, to the head of Seymour Inlet (or was it Belize?), 100 km from the nearest town. When we shut down the generator, the sky was white, with stars, instead of black. You must be seeing some wonderful and unique views. Continued good sailing, all the way to Juan de Fuca and port.

  66. Harvey Russell says

    Just a question, your site says 120 comments and I have sent a couple comments as well but I am not seeing the comments that I have sent along with many others! What am I doing wrong?
    But do enjoy following along with the daily email updates.
    Fair winds and safe harbors to the WW11 and all that sail aboard her. Harvey

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for all your comments Harvey. The way it works is your comments show up on the blog in the comments section at the bottom of the page on the day you send them. For example, I see previous comments from you on Sept 22 and Oct 2nd. I will check with my technical advisors about any comments you’ve made that haven’t shown up yet.
      I hope that answers your question.

  67. Mike Dunsmuir says

    Hi Glenn and MaryLou
    The favourite part of my day is reading the post. It’s a highlight. You’re doing great Glenn. We’re all pulling for you!

  68. Hi Glenn, I’m a subscriber now so I can keep my eye on you! Hope you’re enjoying that big beautiful ocean and fair skies! xx Dama

  69. Hi Glenn,

    We’re enjoying the voyage and daily updates. Enjoy the warmth and fresh food while you can.


  70. Jody Banister says

    Hi Glenn,
    I just love these daily updates! Do you ALWAYS harness yourself with a clip of some sort every second you are outside on the deck in case God forbid, you slip and fall overboard? What emergency implementation do you have?
    Thinking of you and MaryLou. Jody

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      You would have to ask that question, Jodi. Do I have my safety harness clipped on every second I am on deck? Honestly, no, except at night, I always do. In the morning when I’m having my porridge in the cockpit, not so much, depends on the weather.
      Your other question was what kind of emergency implementation do I have. I have a life raft as a last resort. But staying on board is top priority. There are many times when I absolutely have to go forward to change sails and often, I’m on my hands and knees but always tethered on. Thanks for your interest Jodi. See you on the flip side.

      • Jody Banister says

        I have another question! Do you have TV there? How are you connected to the Internet.
        And please put your tether on at all times!!!!!! :) Or lie about it. ! ;-)

        Jody :)

        • MaryLou Wakefield says

          Hi Jody
          No TV on board but he has an amazing “reality show” out there every day and night. His email comes through a system called Winlink transmitted over his ham radio. Thanks for your interest.

  71. G’day mate
    I see all is good so far, I’ll be following your progress now I’m registered.
    I hope you have some spare air foils?


  72. Hey Glenn! How goes it? Just wanted to say I am watching and reading your journey with great interest! Will you be posting videos? Would be cool to see some of these storms.:) Stay safe, keep up the great storytelling. All the best. -Mags

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Mags
      Unfortunately there will be no multi media, this is a low budget, low energy voyage, but feel free to use your imagination! Thanks for your support.

  73. Hi Glenn,
    I’m watching your progress from London, Ontario, Canada and wishing you well.
    Take good care,

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Linda
      Nice to know Canadians across the country are on board.

      • Glenn,
        What a delightful website! Fair winds! We CCA PNW members are rooting for you..
        Stay well. (We met at. SYC, when I was program chairman and you gave us a talk
        about your former attempt. )

        • MaryLou Wakefield says

          Thanks for your comment Roger. I’ll pass it on to Glenn. Please send our regards to the CCA PNW station members. MaryLou

  74. Nancy Poirier says

    Hello Glenn…….what an amazing venture you’ve taken on!!! Are you sailing ‘solo’, or is your wife with you? Reading the comments looks like it is the two of you.

    I’ll enjoy following your locations & love your descriptions of the daily events.

    Be safe…….good sailing!!
    Nancy Poirier
    I spent five years on the MY After Eight as the steward/guest services.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Nancy
      Thanks for the question.
      Yes, Glenn is definitely sailing SOLO. The “we” he often refers to is himself and West Wind II. My job is to create and update this blog with new information from Glenn on a daily basis including answers to your questions. He has limited bandwidth and battery power on West Wind so comments and questions come to me as the administrator of the blog. I forward them on to him as he’s sailing and when time permits, he sends a reply which I then post to the blog.

      • Trevor Hurst says

        Hi Glenn (and Mary Lou of course!)

        We have not met but we are members of RVYC and I just learned of your journey. I was inspired by your story and thought I would subscribe to your post. I will look forward to your updates with great interest as your adventure unfolds. As a new sailor myself I am also teaching my family how to sail on our new (older) CS33 so will also be interested in any future challenges and tips/tricks you want to talk about. Anything you feel like sharing I would be very interested to hear. Stay safe and I look forward to experiencing your adventure even if it is through a screen and keyboard.

        Take care.

        Trevor Hurst

        • MaryLou Wakefield says

          Thanks very much Trevor. Nice to have you along on the virtual journey.

        • MaryLou Wakefield says

          Hi Trevor Thanks for signing on to our blog. It’s nice to have you aboard. You were saying you have an older CS 33 – that’s a nice boat and older is better I think when it comes to boats. What is the name of your boat? How many do you have in your family?
          If I may be so bold as to give you some well learned advice, it’s to have fun on your boat with your family. Also if you have a spinnaker on board take it off now so you won’t use it before your family is ready. There is nothing as bad as a fire drill on deck with the spinnaker up and your family totally scared. I hope you have a great fall and I look forward to meeting you and your family on my return. Glenn

          • Trevor Hurst says

            I was wondering about your journey. I understand this is not your first attempt. May I ask what was the key learnings you had from previous attempts and how have you changed your rig/sail plan this time around to accommodate your past learnings?
            I don’t think I have the guts to do what you are doing right now but you never know, this knowledge would come in handy one day.

          • MaryLou Wakefield says

            What am I am doing differently than my previous attempt with regards to sails, accommodation and rigging. My previous boat Kim Chow was a Rhodes Reliant made by Cheoy Lee and is similar in many ways and yet very different. If you Google both boats the Rhodes Reliant and the Sparkman and Stephens Comanche 42 you’ll see that the big difference is under the water. West Wind II has a modified shark fin keel with a skeg hung rudder, whereas the Rhodes had a classic full keel. As a result, West Wind is a lot faster. The rig for both of them I did very much the same and the sail inventory is similar as well. The set up is traditional and easy to use. The interior of Kim Chow is a beautiful, classic example of an early twin cabin cruiser, while West Wind II is a standard main saloon and forward cabin arrangement. Both boats provided me with more than enough room and stowage for well over a ton of supplies. There is no comparison at all with
            our Haida 26 that we sailed to New Zealand in 1997. I hope this this answers your questions and thanks for showing interest in our voyage.

  75. Hi Glenn, new sailor here – 1.5 years with my 27′ Catalina – and I’m following your trip keenly and with and interest.

    question: how much do you have in your freshwater store and what set-up do you have for replenishing? Also, what’s your favourite part of the day so far?

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for the question Jon. I have two twenty-five gallon stainless steel water tanks under the berths in the main salon. To replenish my supply, I have four deck drains – two on each side with hand operated diverter valves on each pipe. When it rains and it is appropriate I can switch the valves and divert the fresh water from the deck and sails into a ten gallon holding tank under the cock pit. I usually wait what i think is the right amount of time to let the salt wash off the deck and down the drains before switching the valves. From the holding tank I hand pump the water through a filter into the main tanks. On my last voyage this system worked well. Almost all the lows in the southern ocean are preceded by rain and in the four or five months it will take to transit the southern ocean there are lows every week on average. So there is plenty of opportunity to collect water.

      Your other question about my favourite part of the day? The mornings are the best for me. Waking up and seeing what the day holds, especially the weather is exciting. It is also the time of day when I download my mail and that is very special. I am also up in the night for many reasons and some of the nightscapes are truly out of this world. Thanks for your interest Jon and good sailing.

  76. Bob Voyage! Have a great trip Glen! We just missed sending you off at RVYC. We’ll be watching your progress with great interest … Mark and Paul, AKA the boys from Saturnus.

  77. Hi Glenn,

    Have been away for a bit and just returned to learn you’re on your way again! Have a great trip and we look forward to watching your progress.

    Doug Cole

  78. John Caldicott says

    Nice to see your daily updates , I hope you will write a book about this adventure when you get back :)

  79. Heather & Dennis Carpenter says

    Hi Glenn,

    I signed up yesterday to follow you on your ‘adventure’! I am Dennis Carpenter’s wife….married seventeen years in July. I’m not sure I have met you or MaryLou but Dennis has known you for many years! I do hope at some time you two can re-connect and I have the pleasure of meeting a ‘water Indiana Jones’! Take care Glenn. Love your descriptions…..were you a creative writer in another life?

  80. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Glenn and Marylou,

    Even on the prairies we are following you and wishing you lots of adventures. Happy Sailing Glenn and we have our eye on you. We will check in often.

    Pat and Fred Lark

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Welcome back Pat and Fred. We’re glad you’re here …again. Nice to know you have your eye on him all the way from the Canadian prairies. He’ll be very happy to know you’re “on board”. Cheers, MaryLou

  81. David Anidjar- Romain says

    Sorry we missed your departure: I had not realised it was to be so early in September! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful and safe voyage. I will keep the books I put by for you so you can read them when you put your feet up after getting back.

  82. Ian Hammocks says

    Hi Glenn,
    I wish you well on your adventure. Do you have AIS on board? I have not been able to track you so perhaps not?

  83. It was a pleasure to see you off at RVYC and to be a part of the many that came to wish you the best. The excitement, anticipation, and wonder filled the air with such postive energy. Thank you for your blog so we can live vicariously through you. You are an inspiration to us all to follow our dreams with passion, dedication and courage. My family and I wish you a very safe, successful and fulfilling trip.

  84. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi glen and Marylou,
    G’day from Downunder. Our first comment seems to have disappeared. Anyway just to let you know that the Dolman family are following your daily news and look forward to a chat when you pass by Tassie much later in your journey. In the meantime, enjoy that lunchtime beer.
    Good Luck Sal and Geoff

  85. Michael Poole says

    Hi Glenn- I’m glad I read about your bid to complete this courageous adventure. Safe trip.
    I’ll wave from Asia. Taichung,Taiwan

  86. Tony Goldsmith says

    Hi Glenn, sorry I was unable to be at your send off . May I offer you my very best wishes for a safe and successful voyage. All of us at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club look forward to following your progress and hope for a speedy routing.


    Tony Goldsmith
    Commodore – Royal Victoria Yacht Club

  87. Glenn Terrell says

    Hello Glenn. I just completed a sail from Mill Bay BC to San Diego. So you are on our track at the moment. I wish you good winds. We had a great time. Watch out for 30 kt winds around 42n by 126 w on Monday All the best

  88. Steve Illman says

    Hi Glenn,
    You are a great inspiration. The rebuild and the adventure,
    The kids and I will be following you all the way around.
    Happy sailing.
    Steve Illman & family
    Victoria B.C

  89. Richard Barnes says

    …have a great adventure Glenn and stay safe…

    Dick Barnes
    Mt. Doug ’68

  90. Hi Glenn

    Sorry we missed your departure. We will follow your progress with great anticipation and look forward to a speedy circumnavigation for you.

    We will be in the Strait to escort you home.

    All the best Buddy,

    Jan & Lisa

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Jan. He’ll be thrilled to see you as he comes down the home stretch. Only 30,000 miles to go. ML

  91. Hi Glenn
    all the best South African luck. Looking forward to chatting with you soon. I’m tracking your progress on Shiptrak.
    Fair winds and safe sailing
    Sam & Marijke

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Sam and Marijke
      I know Glenn is looking forward to your ham conversations when he gets close to SA. I’ll pass your message on to him. Hope you’re both doing well. ML

  92. Hi Glenn & MaryLou
    All the best South African luck Glenn. Chat with you shortly!! I’m tracking you on Shiptrak. Go well and fair winds and safe sailing.

  93. We wish you a safe and fulfilling voyage!
    Sheldon and Jacquelene

  94. David Clifford says

    Hey Glenn,

    I didn’t realize the magnitude of this trip. Best of luck from the Clifford’s.


  95. Gunter Oldendorf says

    Glenn, I have seen your departure from Victoria on Global TV. I am going to follow you. I will pray for a safe yourney.

  96. Bruce & Pam Cline says

    Sorry we missed your send off Glenn wishing you a safe and speedy jouney!

    Bruce & Pam Cline

  97. Flat seas and a stiff breeze to you Glen . You must be made of Lion hearted courage , your wife as well , she’s got to be one of the good ones . so get home safe and relish every moment .


  99. Mike Dunsmuir says

    Glenn, I wish you all the best as you embark on this amazing feat. You are an inspiration for all of us, not only for the endeavour itself, but more importantly you teach us to never give up our dreams. Iv’e always found to be a humble and gracious person, I would have to throw courageous in there as well.

    I will keep you in my prayers and follow your blog. We are all pulling for you.

  100. Thinking of you and sending fair winds and warm wishes for a safe and amazing adventure.

    – Peggy Cady & John Park

  101. Jody Banister says

    Glenn! Literally my eyes welled up learning about your adventure. I remember this being your plan literally decades ago when I was a little girl. You were born to sail! I send to you my very best. Look how many people love you and want you home safe after realizing your dream. All the best to you, one of my favourite people.
    Jody Banister xoxo
    ps… please hurry…. ;-)

  102. Glenn, me old China, sorry we missed the send off. At times I vacillate between thinking you are the craziest sob I know, and then, I’m jealous of this wonderful ability you have to just do whatever the hell you want. Relax and enjoy this time my friend. Hell, take eleven months instead of ten, but have a great trip. You know our love and positive thoughts are always with you. Great Sailing.

  103. Best wishes, fair winds and God Speed Glenn.

    Vancouver , BC

  104. Graham Smith says

    Good man Glenn, never give up, you inspire me to continue to prepare my boat for my Hawaii trip in the near future.
    Graham Smith
    North Vancouver

  105. Kathryn Devlin says

    Good Luck Glenn,

    We’re thinking of you and wishing you a safe and wonderful journey, we’ll be following you and your amazing adventure.

    Lots of Love
    Anty Mary, Eric& Anne Mayers & Kathryn & Neil Devlin x x

  106. Glenn, Marylou

    Godspeed on your new adventure and have a safe journey. I’ll be here rooting for you and attentive to your progress.

    Brampton, On

  107. Val & Edris says

    Hey Glenn – sorry to have missed your send off but Edris and I send you love and kisses. We will be watching the blog and making sure Marylou misbehaves in your absence. Lots of Glenn-worthy hugs, V & E.

  108. good luck.
    We were just in victoria! We should have seen you off!
    My family and I will chart your progress.
    Have fun and be safe.

  109. Dear Mr. Wakefield,

    It was a great pleasure for me to meet you on the dock in late night and the next morning – I was the guy with fishing rods. I do not have a boat yet; sailing around the world is one of my dreams. You give me huge inspiration – you can, I can!

    With all my best wishes, take care! See you in Victoria!



    David Wang

  110. Lynn Gilchrist says

    Bon Voyage Glenn. We are thinking of you and wish you a safe and splendid journey. Love Lynn, Mike, Laura and David.xxxx

  111. I wish you luck at Cape Horn. Pass through and you will prevail to join those who have made it before you. Good Luck !

  112. So pleased to hear you are heading off again Glen. All of your former elementary and high school friends are very proud of you for taking this on. Allan Lamb

  113. Scott Wheeler says

    Hi Glenn,

    I haven’t got a clue how to sail, but I’ve always been fascinated by it and individuals such as yourself that set such incredible goals.
    You make overpaid professional athletes look like a bunch of sissies! Safe journey Scott

  114. Wishing you “Fair winds and following seas” Glenn. See you in the Chart Room on your return.

  115. Dave Botten says

    Hi Glen

    Best of luck and good weather all the way home.
    Although I live on land now, I was born in Victoria, so I have seawater in my blood. If Chichester could do it away back then, so can you. Good sailing.


  116. Judy Lemche says

    Glenn, I can’t believe we somehow missed your departure date and didn’t get a chance to wish you goodbye and good luck. You’ll be in our thoughts, as always, as you make this epic voyage and this time we know you’ll be successful. And don’t eat too much of that chocolate!
    Judy and Mike

  117. The Bacon Family says

    We are cheering for you Glenn. Safe travels!

  118. Hey Glen, we were following you around the first time and had no idea you were at it again until we saw your face on the cover of the Times Colonist this morning! Nice to see you’re still chasing your dreams! Haven’t talked to you in years but you were one of the first contractors to give us a chance 20 yr’s ago and always a pleasure to work with, thank you for that.
    All the best this go around!
    Doug Hubscher,
    Imperial Welding Ltd

  119. Glenn you already comprehend the enormity of the long and lonely passage ahead. You are blessed with dogged determination, superb seamanship skills and a family that supports your quest. You will all be in my thoughts each day until your safe return. Pete.

  120. Glenn! Have a wonderful journey and stay safe. Can’t wait to hear all about it next year :) Love Naomi

  121. I saw your story on our local TV station on Global Vancouver and wish you fair skies and clear sailing on your expedition. I’ll try and keep up on your journey. Be safe


  122. Chad Coutts says

    All the best on your wonderful adventure…..

  123. Hi…Newfoundland here, good luck in your travels, safe trip. I’ll be looking at your website frequently to see how you are doing. Would like to do an adventure such as yours!

  124. Hi Glen. our best wishes and favorable winds to push you along for your extraordinary voyage. Gilles and Lanny from our island , the nona, 30ft c&c !

  125. All the best!! Thats a vey long ttip! Bev of Langley BC

  126. Hi Glen,
    Just heard your story on Global news..and just wanted to wish you a fun and safe adventure…I’ve never done much open ocean sailing, but it has always captured my imagination..
    I’ve bicycle toured solo across the states and down the coast and so I know the feeling of being “on the road”, but your adventure will be much more..and will likely test you spiritually, physically and psychologically. Stay strong to the core. Life is about the journey and I hope yours is magical!

  127. Wishing you much success and adventure…enough for a lifetime!!

  128. Glenn,
    Following your journey from Newfoundland …
    Your courage is an inspiration to us all.

  129. Bon Voyage Glenn, If you are ever in need of assistance please remember that there is almost always some one listening on 14.300 Mhz (USB). The Maritime Mobile Service Net will post your position to Winlink and provide weather information as needed. Best Regards Barry VE3BZW MMSN NCS

  130. good luck, be safe.

  131. Hi Glenn

    Here’s wishing you every success in your venture and a safe return to Victoria next year.

    You’ve prepared ‘West Wind’ thoroughly, so I wish you the best of luck with whatever the weather gods deal out to you on your way – let’s hope they treat you kindly!

    S/V “Nereida”

  132. Glen. We’ve never met, and I have never sailed, though I’ve read just about every book written on solo circumnavigation. I wish you well as you pursue the completion of a dream. As I noted your course out of Victoria today It was interesting to me as I had flown your ‘departure route’ on a set of homebuilt aircraft wings just awhile back.

    so I am a ‘little’ familiar with the waters of your departure from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Mind you, my view was from about 2000′ up. To build my aircraft was a wonderful dream too, realizing it’s first flight in 1981. What amazing experiences it has afforded me. Now your trip….of a different type of course and far more courageous. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and we hope there will be a book at when you again sail into port in Victoria.

  133. Richard Blenkinsop and Family says

    We are so disappointed we did not get to see you off on your adventure. We will miss you! Wishing you a safe passage and fulfilment of your dreams! You are an inspiration for us all.

    Look forward to the blog.

    Richard , Linda and Family.

  134. Glenn……good luck and have a safe trip! Will be following you…..Arlene

  135. I wish you the best of luck and I am looking forward to following your journey.

  136. good luck you will not be alone just remember we are watching and rooting on line / ps the seas should be quite calm here lol.

  137. Hi Glenn⚓

    Fair Winds and Following Seas.”⛵

  138. Dave & Janette Magnusson says

    Good luck and enjoy yourself!!

  139. Very inspirational! We will be keeping tabs on your journey. Best wishes.

  140. aldin golding says

    best of luck glenn I will be watching your travels

  141. I hope to follow your journey all along and pray you will be safe and healthy. A lot of us could only dream of your adventure, and we can some what sense your desire to be successful. Personally I spent 6 years at sea and know a little of the perils. Good luck, God speed and good winds are hopefully in your future. Regards Tim P

  142. Linda Bonneau says

    Glenn I just watched your farewell on CTV news! What an exciting adventure. I am so envious and will be following your progress online. Calm seas and good health to you!

  143. Glenn, all the best to you. I will be following you all the way and hoping for fair winds for you. If you need a book to read and you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your computer, give me a shout. I have several novels that I have written and would be happy to send to you. There will be times when you need something to help you pass the time.
    Take care and Bon Voyage. Michael Matthews

  144. Ann & Steve Merriman says

    Good luck Glenn . You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Will look forward to following the website.
    Love Ann & Steve

  145. Good luck. Have added you as a link on my blogsite until you return safetly to Victoria.

  146. So wonderful to see you and Marylou as you start your epic journey!
    Sending our love
    Joan and Bob Snowden

  147. I’ll be following you Glenn…smooth sailing big guy!!


  148. Brian Woodley says


    Best wishes for success, I will be rooting for you.


    Brian Woodley

  149. Hi, noticed your site today. Admire you chasing dreams good luck and know we all want to do something like this . Ian

  150. Best of luck to you, Glenn. I’m rooting for your safety and success!

  151. Gillian Card says

    Fair Winds….God speed.

  152. Dear Glenn, Wishing you fair winds and ‘just enough’ adventure to secure your safe journey home with the wind at your back. love Les

  153. John Thorne says

    Hello Glen, Ever since we worked together on Youth Crews in Garribaldi Park, I have admired you for your gumption and tenacity. I will follow your new adventure with great interest. My wife Jean, and I send you are best wishes for a safe and happy journey. Take care, John Thorne, Victoria BC

  154. Good Luck Glenn from us both. We will be watching your progress- Have a safe trip. Love and all best wishes

    Anne & Eric xx

  155. Glenn

    I enjoyed your Mark Twain and TH Lawrence quotes but the one that makes me think the most about you is called Invictus and although I’m probably misquoting a bit ends something like ‘no matter how crooked the gate I am the owner of my destiny and the master of my fate!’

  156. Hi Glenn,
    Enjoy your moments, challenges and pleasures. I will be with you all the way. Love, Jim

  157. Maurice Preece says

    Hi Glenn,

    Great to visit you and your boat yesterday. Like you the boat felt strong and sturdy – plus, I suspect, a kind and generous heart.
    See you on Monday.

    As they say in Jamaica, “Walk sweet, Mon.”

  158. Malcolm Smith says

    Hey Glenn
    Good luck on your trip.
    Be safe and smooth sailing.

  159. Hi Glenn,

    The team at Life As A Human wishes you calm seas and a safe journey!


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