D Day – September 2, 2013

Glenn will start his solo non-stop west about circumnavigation on Monday September 2, 2013 at Royal Victoria Yacht Club. 

midnight on West Wind II

It’s all hands on deck. Glenn’s been burning the midnight oil, making sure his ham radio is in top working order, doing some finishing to the interior, and getting the boat ready to store 12 months worth of food and supplies. Last time I checked, he was building a storage container for the cockpit lockers and is now working on a book case!


Stocking up for 10 months at sea

Thanks to PSC Natural Foods for their generous support of Going Solo. Check the bottom of the home page to see the long list of sponsors who contributed.


Spinnakers Brewpub sponsors the beer

Thanks to Paul Hadfield of Spinnakers Brewpub for sponsoring a bilge full of beer.

On the home front, we’re vacuum packing food, books, clothes, gear and supplies. Our two daughters are in charge of entertainment and are downloading music and audio books to his ipod, printing photos, and packing a few surprises in his Christmas box. On that note, Glenn’s mom dropped off two Christmas cakes, a Christmas pudding and a dozen mince tarts. Cards and bags of  books have been left on the door step, as well as medical supplies and the odd bottle of scotch! The spare battens for the main sail arrived today and more books are on the way from the UK. There’s laundry to do and his new sheepskin is airing on the clothesline as we speak. Hmmm… where did we put the fishing gear?

 Packaging and labelling food for a 10 month voyage

I’m working on the website (with a little help from my friends) so visitors can find the latest news, send Glenn a comment, or ask a question. 

Stay tuned. 





  1. Dan LaFrance says

    Hello Glen,

    My name is Dan LaFrance. My wife Cathie and I manage a cattle ranch in the Bridge Lake area of BC. I was watching the morning news this morning when they had a segment on your solo circumnavigation. I would like to wish you all the very best on your journey. We will be watching your progress and cheering you on…good luck from a non-sailer.

  2. Ken Pfister says

    Hi Glenn.

    Just arrived back in Victoria after a five day trip and missed your departure. I will make a point to be here for your successful return. In the meantime I look forward to your reports and photos.

    Safe sailing.


  3. Lynn and Robin says

    Hi Glenn. we were just watching the news and saw that you are going to attempt your dream again. We just want you to know that we are so supporting you and wishing you well in your journey. I wish we had known that you were doing it again so we could support you more, somehow. But know that we are thinking of you and wishing your well. I hope we will be able to follow you on a blog or email site somehow. Wishing you all the best and a happy, successful excursion! you are so brave!!! Love Lynn and Robin Willard

  4. God speed and all the lucky charms be with you Glenn.


  5. Hello from Sicamous, BC. I am so excited to follow your journey around the world. I followed the blog of the youngest girl ever to sail around the world not stop and solo, and thoroughly enjoyed reading her blogs. Good luck to you!

  6. dear glen;god speed n yu take care as yu journey in2 the unknown waters of our world..yur thots n prayers will be heared…will watch yur progress n goal 2 reach yur destination…be well my friend

  7. Dave Jorgensen says

    Bon voyage and Godspeed, Glenn. The hearts of Canada’s sailors are with you.

  8. I didn’t realise it was today until Jean told me. I wish Glenn smooth sailing. Moira and I will be avidly following the your Web site updates.

  9. Glenn I just want to wish you success and much peace, happiness and fulfillment in your life journey across the globe, your voyage is such an inspiring event! It reminds us of how important is to follow your emotions, your dreams at the end of the day…that is what we are all made of.

    Buen viaje!

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