Day 10 Back to the Sixties September 11, 2013

Sept 11, 2013 a.m. 

34.30 N,  133.48 W @ 10:28 PDT

Heading: 180 true Boat Speed: 2 knots Wind: 5 knots Swell: 1.5 – 2 metres Sky: Overcast Temperature: 18 C Miles in last 24 hrs: 20

Grey again today and there are more ‘search lights’ burning through the clouds looking for escapees. The sea is still high but undulating under a great grey aquatic skin. Half an hour ago, in the middle of tea and porridge in the cockpit, a ruffle of wind like goose bumps moved across from the west and covered the water. I hoisted the main and jib after dropping them around 9:00 last night and we are headed for the equator. I was visited by a young dark feathered wandering Albatross last night at dusk and again this morning. Van Morrison is beating out “Brown Eyed Girl” and I am having flashbacks of the sixties.  

Another significant event late last night. I tore my jeans and just like I did in the 60s, I tore off the bottoms and sit here this morning in cut offs, no shirt, my hair has not been combed in a week, and I haven’t shaved. Brown Eyed Girl, cut offs, no shirt, no shave, no comb, no socks no shoes, in a warm breeze on a sail boat in the Pacific. I’m in heaven! 

Glenn atop the Empire State Building in NYC with the Twin Towers in the background. Here he is unshaven, uncombed, in cut-offs circa 1969. Some things never change.

There is lots of garbage in the water everywhere this morning. A fish net passed by about 2 meters square followed by a section of wooden wharf about 12 ft square. Glad I didn’t meet that three days ago surfing down one of those waves at 9 knots.

Also to my great astonishment and delight a school of mahi mahi, about ten of them, just drifted out from under the boat. I guess I’ll have to go fishing today. First, I must go up on deck and deal with the sails.

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  1. Aggie Hebert-Mondry says

    That is a really significant picture being September the 11th today, 12 years after the towers were brought down.
    Safe travels!

  2. angie rundle says

    Are you going to have videos like you did on your last journey? Am enjoying this adventure very much. Stay safe and enjoy.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Angie
      I was able to post videos from Glenn’s trip last time because he managed to toss the memory stick from his camera to a fish boat who approached him off the south coast of new Zealand as he was sailing past. Not sure he can pull that off again … but we have fingers crossed.

  3. Great photo of Glen and the good old days.I almost looked as good back then.
    PS Is that not the Twin Towers in the background and on Sept 11 today…
    very touching.
    Doug R

  4. hi Glen, I’m really enjoying your comments and got a laugh about the cutoffs. Ah, the sixties, a great time. Have a good sail and keep on with the lively posts. Rosalie from RVYC.

  5. Scott Wheeler says


    Really enjoy ready your posts every day while
    I’m out on the golf course.
    Good stuff, keep it coming!


    Scott Wheeler
    Golf Course Superintendent
    Gorge Vale Golf Club

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