Day 13 Sunrise parade September 14, 2013

 Sept 14, 2013 a.m.

30 11.37 N, 132’56.01 W @0:7:44 PDT

The early morning sun silhouettes a parade of over-sized balloon cloud characters that the west wind has filled in through the night.

There are some familiar shapes – huge squirrels, an elephant, and many fat snakes – some flat, some grotesquely coiled around prehistoric beasts on three legs, weird faces of men with huge noses, ears with amazing hair dos, puffed out cheeks and cigars. The figures are ever changing so slowly, almost imperceptibly, till some vanish all together. Then there’s a star wars space ship. Eventually the ruby red back drop turns to light blue and the parade washes to clouds. The sunrise parade is over and a new day starts.

West Wind II has sailed herself through the night while I slept with a gentle rocking motion and a sea breeze from the open hatch above to keep me cool.

Glenn on West Wind II

Caught snoozing circa 2012.

It has dawned a beautiful morning with very light breezes that WW II has turned into 3.5 to 4.5 knots. Our course is still southerly 162′ true. e Ware currently sailing at 30 11,37′ North Lat and 132’56.01′ West longitude.  During the night we made good about 40 miles. The wind usually picks up in the morning so all in all a great day ahead.



  1. Certainly hope you won’t be affected by the hurricane that’s hitting Mexico right now. Can you comment on that please.


  2. Can you kindly explain how you deal with sleeping? What schedule do you employ, if any, and do you use an AIS or radar alarm to wake you if you don’t set an alarm for every 30 minutes (or some other time frame)?

  3. Hi Glenn,

    Myself and many other arm-chair sailors are following your adventure with interest! I am originally from Vancouver Island and although I still live on the south coast, I truly miss the Island and ocean paradise that surrounds it. Fortunately, adventurers like yourself allow the rest of us to come along for the ride and get a small taste of what off shore sailing would be like. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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