Day 14 Making a compromise September 15, 2013


Sept 15, 2013 noon

28 22.1 N, 134 40.7 W @ 12:00 PDT

It’s a beautiful day, the wind is light, maybe 10 knots.  The wind and waves are at very awkward angles today. To make my best course I would like to run down wind but because the waves are off the stern quarter WW II wants to cork screw and there is not enough wind in the sails to stop them slatting rather vigorously. When they  do it feels like the rig is going to fall down so I have made a compromise. I’m heading up a little away from my best course to stop the mast from being shaken out of the boat. If conditions change later, I will head back on course later no big deal. Just “No shaking please”.

Course heading: 258 true, Speed over Ground (SoG) 5.2 knots, Wind: NW 10 knots, Sky: Sunny, with sheep clouds, Miles in last 24 hrs: 110.

Library on West Wind II

Started a new book today written by Stanley Evans called Seaweed On The Street. Thank you Stan. I am loving the book being set in Victoria. My imagination is totally engaged with all the local place names and references.

I realized today while taking care of the eggs that Cathy (Christopher) has put little hand written messages on some of the egg cartoons! I am so touched by her amazing sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Thank you Cathy.

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  1. Hi Glenn and Marylou. Have been enjoying the daily updates on Glenn’s ‘ride’. Glenn probably doesn’t remember me. I believe we went to elementary school together and junior high as well. I was Paddy Wilson back then.

    My reason for enjoying this wonderful trip that Glenn is taking is because my dad too, had the dream to sail around the world. Glenn may remember our home on old Ruby Road which is now McKenzie Ave. we had a work shop in the back where my dad built the Kleeketuck, our 23′ sailboat, back in the 60’s. he spent many hours out there, working on his craft. Once finished, we had great times in it, sailing off the coast of Sidney, travelling to small islands, especially Sidney Island.
    He then started to build a 35′ boat, where it sat In our yard while he worked on it. My dad passed away in Dec 1968 at the age of 45 of cancer, leaving the shell of the unfinished boat along with his unfinished memories. Our dad’s ashes were spread out at Sidney Island, a place he loved to go.
    So when I read of Glenn’s trip, I immediately wanted to “be on that trip too” and am thrilled to be able to follow along, for my dad.
    Thank you Glenn and may god speed!

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Paddy
      I’m thrilled to have you aboard with me along with the memories of your Dad. At the tender age of 18 that must have been a terrible loss for your family and friends. My Dad was a boater as well. He built a small 14 foot plywood runabout in our garage on Ventura Way just up Gordon Head road from you. He’s the one responsible for sewing the seeds of love and respect for the sea. I realize that I carry the hopes and dreams of many with me, and feel very lucky for that.
      Cheers Glenn

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