Day 16 A shift in time 9/17/13

Sept 17 noon 

 26 29.3 N, 137 52.7 W @ 10:20 PDT

Going like a train this morning. The wind shifted numerous times over night and there were some strong squalls and intense rain. I was up many times trimming sails and readjusting the vane. We’re on port tack so I’m sleeping in the starboard bunk which is a little wider than the port bunk. Really  enjoying that. Wind generator is putting out lots of power.

I’m now in a new time zone. Ship’s time is back one hour.  My time is ‘Plus Zulu’ or 9 hrs plus GMT. It is 7:43 local and 16:43 Zulu or GMT.
I’m feeling tired today so will try catch up on sleep this morning. I’m feeling like this could be a wash day today although it’s a little rough.

Going now to make a pot of tea. 

Heading: 182 true, Boat Speed: 6.7 knots, Wind: NE 15 knots, Swell n 1.5 metres, Cloud Cover 50% Temperature: 20 C Miles in last 24 hrs: 150










  1. Hi Glen, On board with your trip from day 1, look forward to your daily report to the world. You’re a real life adventurer to some of us who have always had and will only have the dream of doing what you’re doing. One question for you. Is your “boat speed” always GPS or indicator “over the water” spped?

  2. Hey Glen, love your daily comments. You are one awesome guy! Having sailed with you on Swiftsure I certainly feel more connected with you and the boat this trip.
    You are sure making good time. Could be very good time for Vic – Maui crossing!
    Take care my friend. We are off Thursday for UK, Ireland and Mallorca ( 3 weeks ).
    Will follow you daily.

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