Day 18 Spa Pacifica 9/19/13

Had a tropical down pour this morning that turned West Wind into Spa Pacifica. There were three squalls in the neighbourhood and I got all three in a row. Three weeks is along time to go with out a shower and this one was perfect – not polar but tropical. Did all my laundry – shorts, shirt , socks, tee shirt, and underwear. After that I washed the whole boat inside and out. I had a shave, manicure and pedicure. I topped it off with a gourmet omelette of sausage,onions, shallots, grated cheese, and two farm fresh eggs. 

Then I got to a few ‘must do’ jobs after lunch. One was on the mast. On the trailing edge of the mast where the main sail track is, there was an old gate that was used to take out the cars when taking the main sail off the boom. This is no longer needed since we have a new main and boom with much better method to remove the main sail. The old gate was held in place by a small wire pin that had a “D” shaped head on it so you could pull it up and undo the gate. Unfortunately whenever the main is raised or lowered especially when taking in a reef downwind, it would catch the pin and open the gate and the main sail would be free to come out of its track. This gate is about 8 feet up the mast and in order to rethread the main sail cars back into the track, it means going up the eight feet making it almost impossible to reach the main halyard and put the cars in at the same time. 

West Wind II looking aft

Last night the “D” handle on top of the pin broke off. This left the pin free to fall out through the bottom of the gate leaving it permanently open and a nightmare to raise or lower the main. After going up the mast by standing on the main halyard winch, I discovered that the pin was still there. All I had to do was bend over each end so it stays in place – hopefully for a good long while.

The other job was a search and destroy mission – chasing the illusive leaks. These are not the kind that will sink the boat, but the kind that just slowly drive you crazy. Dripping over the nav station on to the charts, or filling a cupboard and damaging valuable stores. This is an on going job that requires patience –  not high on the list of my characteristics, but we try.



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