Day 18 Keeping an even pace 9/19/13


Sept 19, 2013 world view

Position: 22. 33 N, 139.17 W @16:30 UTC * 

Last night I sat in the cockpit under a canopy of clouds that were backlit by the full moon listening to Sting on the iPod and having my dinner – potatoes, carrots, fried onions, curry sausage, and noodles and one can of  Blue Bridge beer. I tuned into the seafarers net to check my radio strength and it came back “double nickel” from my brothers on the airwaves. I also talked to a boat transiting from Hawaii to Victoria.

My thoughts are about keeping an even pace. Even though West Wind II sails faster than Kim Chow did,  it is a long voyage and in order to make it, I must keep the boat going – all the way. Most nights I shorten sail to be safe. This will probably cost some miles in the short term, but over the next 30,000 miles what counts is the boat making it, not how fast. Slow but sure wins the race.

It’s around 02:30 a.m. and I’ve been on deck for and hour chasing a dying breeze …which I’ve just buried. I’ve now lowered all the sails till a new breeze presents itself. With no sails up, the motion is very pronounced – a drunken sailor comes to mind. The motion is one thing but the noise is quite an other. I’ll try to get some sleep. I’ll need the industrial ear plugs for sure. 

I saw one Flying Fish this morning, no birds. With the cloud cover and light wind, still conserving power. 

Read Glenn’s response to this question ” Glenn would you care to describe wrestling with the spinnaker pole in a rising breeze while single handed on a forty footer? Some of us following your exploits from our couch might not fully appreciate the art, while some of us certainly do! 

Heading: 227 true Boat Speed: 2.1 knots Wind: NE < 5 knots Swell: NE 2 metres Cloud Cover: 80% Barometer: 1000 Temp: 19-20 C

* (UTC is Pacific Daylight Time + 7 hours)





  1. Peter & Lynn says

    Ummm, so we were in Smugglers Cove last weekend – made a brave charge across Georgia Strait, no wind, no sails – just Mr. Yanmar – for a whole week!! Glad to hear you feel the breeze in your sails buddy!

    Much love,

  2. Glenn,
    It is fascinating watching the design of your daily mini sailboats dotting the planet with your Google earth tracking. The days where you had little wind really contrasts with those when you you were flying along. Yet you are making steady progress. Impressive.

    A question, as my geographic skills are poor (PS I failed my grade 10 geography exam at Christmas back in the day….luckily I passed by June…before semestered schooling) So what is the big island that you are passing on your starboard about 3 o’clock that has a long line of underwater hills or mountains?


  3. I remember the guy that wen, t before you Francis Clark 73 years old. Hung from the rigging to ease his medical condition. Hope you continue to get good conditions.

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