Day 19 By hand 9/20/13

Setpt 20, 2013 a.m.

Position : 20.12  N, 139. 49 W @17:00 UTC

Early afternoon yesterday and last night I had to hand steer for several hours as the wind went light and the vane didn’t have the energy to take the tiller. Sitting in one place for three hours, watching the sun set and the moon rise on a balmy night with just shorts on – not too hard to do.

Nonetheless I was glad the wind increased and happily turned the tiller over to Fleming to let him steer through the moon lit night. I retreated to my bunk for some sleep.

Mags writes:  Will you be posting videos? Would be cool to see some of these storms.:) Stay safe, keep up the great storytelling.

Read Glenn’s response here.

145 true Boat Speed: 6.7 knots Wind NE 10 – 15 kn Swell: NW 1 m Cloud Cover: 50% Temp 20 C Miles last 24 hours: 110

 Thank you all for your comments and questions. Keep ’em coming!



  1. Linda Newland says

    I noticed you mentioned hand steering in light winds. Are you not using an autopilot when the wind vane isn’t working or available?
    Just wondering and maybe you’re just conserving power.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for your interest and welcome aboard. I hand steer in a light following breeze when the Fleming self steering vane doesn’t have enough wind to activate itself. I don’t have any other form of mechanical steering on board. My power supply is from an AeroGen 4 wind generator and I have two 80-watt BP solar panels charging four 6-volt golf cart batteries which is ample for my needs. I don’t have a water maker or refrigeration. I have 35 gallons of diesel fuel so in a pinch, I can run it for 30 – 60 minutes to top things up. Hand steering occasionally, especially when the weather is nice, keeps me in tune with the boat. I find that it’s important to have the boat sailing in a well balanced position before I engage the wind vane. Then, both WW II and the vane are working well together and I’m happy.

  2. Bruce & Pam Cline says

    Hi Glenn,
    Greetings from Bruce and Pam from across the road. We have been following your trip with great interest and just returned from a ten day driving trip down the Oregon coast during which we were able to follow your progress via your web page. It is really impressive to see how far you’ve travelled in such a sort period of time. We enjoy your descriptive narratives and are looking forward to following along with you on the rest of your journey. Wishing you fair winds, good health and a safe journey.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Bruce and Pam
      Thanks for your note and interest.
      Keep and eye out in the hood while I am away!

  3. Hey Glenn. Really enjoying the updates and glad you are off to a great start. Try to catch one of those flying fish you keep referring to. I can send you some good recipes from all my contact from Barbados. Would be great to see some videos and pics if possible. Victoria has been following to and enjoying the stories. All the best, Salmon Breath

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