Day 22 Into the Zone 9/23/13

 Sept 23, 2013 close

Position: 15 41 N, 145 24 W @20:00 UTC

Week 4  It has dawned another beautiful tropical morning here on board WW II after a very lively night. We made a solid 70 miles in the last twelve hours as a result of a very steady 15+ knot wind that we have been running before for more than three days. I did not make any sail changes last night nor did I sleep very well but …were we moving!

I am expecting a wind shift from the NE to more easterly some time today. When that happens I’ll gybe at that time to take advantage of the shift. Going a little further west this morning so we can avoid some light winds just south of us.


We have about 450 miles to go to get to 10 N, 150 W where the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) is very narrow and there is enough wind to take us through to the trade winds on the other side.

The library, recording barograph, and bar on West Wind makes for a cozy cabin.

The library, recording barograph, and bar – starboard side in the main salon on West Wind II

The recording barograph which had stopped working a few days ago is now back up and running and the batten in the main I thought was broken is fully intact. Both good news. 

 Course 260 T Speed 6.7 kt Wind E 10-15 Waves 1.5-2 meters Cloud 50% Temp 28C Bar 1013 Miles in last 24 hrs: 170 kt.miles

Thanks for your comments and questions.    

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  1. Really enjoying the updates Glenn and Marylou. Have read every one. You have so much experience at this now – I hope you are feeling confident and upbeat. We really appreciate being able to share in the journey. Now Glenn, could we please have some naked pictures of you on board, playing a ukulele or drinking a scotch or something?

    V & E

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Val and Edris
      Thanks! I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve already taken a few “scotch” shots.
      Hope you’re both well.

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