Day 23 Fast, bumpy ride 9/24/13

Sept 24, 2013 noon

Position: 13 49 N, 147 20 W @ 19:00 UTC

Hot and muggy here over night so lots of tossing and turning. Good progress though. 

Here’s my morning ritual to get Grib (weather) files from my computer.

I’m up early to download the files so I’m absolutely on top of the weather. Process goes something like this – go to the Grib file drop down map of the world, choose the area you’re interested in, send a request through Winlink as an out going message. Then disconnect that call, wait for a period of time, then through the radio and the modem make another connection with Winlink and if the file is ready, it will download it. Go to your inbox on the computer and open up the file and there it is, in colour. The weather map shows wind, waves, and barometric pressure for the next three days. I can scroll back and forth to decide the best route.

I’m going to send this message, turn on the radio and hook up the modem to the computer and then find a land station that has good propagation and send this message out and hope to receive the Grib files in return.

After that, I’ll make tea and study the weather, then go on deck and change course or adjust the sails as required.

And so it goes every morning.

I have started to hand sew a bag for the lines at the base of the mast that will keep my hands busy for a few days. 

Course 227T Speed 6.6 Wind NE 10-15 kts Waves NE 2.2 metres Cloud: 30% Bar 1011 steady Temp 29C Miles in last 24 hrs: 180 nm






  1. Glenn, it is a thrill to watch your progress!!
    So happy you have so much technology to help!

    Love and happy seas!


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