2/1/14 Home


G & ML in Victoria

I’m home! One part of this extraordinary journey is over and another begins.

MaryLou and I have had several wonderful honeymoon days together and are going away for a few more to catch up on some time lost while I was at sea. We are charting a new course for our future which will include writing our book and me going back to work. There will be more adventures as well.  Your overwhelming support through comments and emails helped sustain both of us through the many difficult times we had over the past several months and we’d like to thank you for that. It’s difficult to describe how much having that contact helped make the adventure more meaningful for us. We hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride.       

The last two weeks in Australia were hectic.  After many months at sea, I was suffering from sore leg muscles and a drunken swagger that sometimes caught me off balance.  My pristine, self contained aquatic environment ended when I landed in Fremantle and got a bad head cold from having been kissed and shaking hands with so many wonderful people. A small price to pay for all the attention and love I received on arrival in Fremantle.  Bob Kucera, Commodore of the Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC) along with Terry Baker Vice Commodore, gave me a genuine Australian welcome and over the next two weeks I was treated as a guest and helped through a labyrinth of details by the friendly and competent staff at the Club. Their kindness and generosity went above and beyond the familiar assistance afforded a sailor in need. I owe them a great debt of gratitude.

West Wind II is in a “wet pen” (berth) at the FSC and is listed for sale with Peter Robinson, a long time member, through his brokerage. The very special situation that was created by pulling into Fremantle meant I could meet the ham operators and their families that had kept me company on the air through both my attempts as I passed Australia. It’s very difficult to put into words the bond that was formed between myself and MaryLou, and the ham operators and their families. 

From the first teary contact in Fremantle until the heartfelt goodbye at the airport, my days were filled with wonderful times over barbecues at their homes, fishing at the beach, and playing cards at the kitchen table. We shared many stories about the hundreds of calls made between us over thousands of miles and many months. I left West Wind II in Fremantle which was difficult, but doesn’t come close to how I felt leaving the many friends behind whom I had become so close to in those two short weeks in Western Australia.

I made many videos while I was at sea. Here are a few to give you an idea of what captured my imagination. Enjoy!

A bird’s eye view

Whale sighting



  1. Lori Wheeler says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou
    I finally took a minute to catch up on your latest posts and view the videos. They are wonderful! I loved hearing you shout good morning to the huge whale. . .it made me realize how utterly alone you were at sea with no one in sight to say good morning to, except via radio or email.

    I smiled the whole time I was watching that video and the the one to follow because your infectious enthusiasm, one of the traits I love in you, came through so clearly. Made me remember why I miss you and MaryLou so much.

    I loved the photo of the two of you together. I admire that you have supported each other and remained constant companions for decades. Love you both!!


    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Lori. Nice of you to say so. We’re really enjoying spending time together making great breakfasts, going for hikes, and getting together with old and new friends, and of course, working on the book! Hope to see you in Victoria soon.
      ML and G

  2. Linda Newland says

    Thank you for sharing those great videos….esp. of yourself up the mast. That’s more guts than I had when singlehanding…I prayed I wouldn’t have to use my mast steps and fortunately I did not have to retrieve any lost halyards or repair anything aloft.

  3. Glenn,

    Welcome home. Great videos! Loved the commentary and Nutella pancakes bit. I think YOU should be the star of the next “All is Lost” themed movie, not Robert Redford. You will gag when you see it. Better yet, don’t waste your time.


  4. Hi Glenn and MaryLou Congratulations on your relationship and the way you two work together as a team to keep us all informed of what you are doing. Tough, tough choice to turn back and sell the boat. And the right one to stay safe.Enjoy your time together. We look forward to what’s next for the two of you. Cheers, David

  5. Connie Ahern says

    Welcome home!!

  6. Great to hear you are home safe after such an adventure. And reunited with Marylou. Looking forward to hearing more about it all. You both are still in our prayers.
    Loved the video shorts. Birds eye was spectacular and the beard in the whale sighting was impressive.

  7. susan & Ian Grant says

    Well Done and welcome home Glenn.
    Ian and Susan

  8. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hey Guys,
    So glad you are “home and hosed” as they say! Enjoy your “time out” together. Wish we could have popped over to Fremantle to catch up but our son Christopher had an accident and following surgery, we are now playing Nursies. He Should repair in about 8 weeks.
    Take Care you two.
    Cheers from the Dolmans Downunder xx

  9. Congratulations to you both for taking this journey! I can’t wait to get over to the island and share some wine and hear about it all. Enjoy your well-deserved reunion!!

  10. cheryl jones says

    Thank you so much for sharing your most interesting journey with all of us. We have followed you since the day you left waiting excitedly for your posts to show up on our email. I’m sorry things didn’t go exactly like you had hoped but things do happen for a reason, so glad you are safely home. Good luck on your book and future endevours, you are an inspiration to all of us with a dream.

  11. Best of luck in the future Glenn and I really enjoyed your videos.


  12. Glen just put your smile and laugh in a bottle and sell it ! You two look wonderful. Enjoy the time together love Deb xo

  13. David Anidjar- Romain says

    Welcome Home (safely) Have enjoyed your blog and shared your experience vicariously. Best regards, David

  14. Congratulations! Job well done. Those who take risks live life better.

  15. Susan Bassett says

    Wonderful picture of you two at the harbor! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with me! I hope to meet you both some day when I am in Victoria! Thank you again and Welcome Home!

  16. Alan Strickland says

    Thank you Glenn and Marylou,

    It has been a wonderful journey so far and may God bless you both as it continues!

  17. Welcome home, dear Glenn! Hope to see you soon! xox

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