A well kept secret

Dec 7, 2014

Just finished my day with a magnificent walk from the marina around to Mandira beach and back. It was about 10k round trip on a mostly paved trail through native vegetation with spectacular views south to the ocean. There were old gun placements from the second world war – typical of New Zealand and many of the south sea islands we’ve visited and very similar to Fort Rodd Hill at home. The smell to the vegetation on the sea breeze up from the ocean was soft and tropical. As the sun set there were spicy eucalyptus and sweet floral scents softly buffeting me as I walked along the boardwalk path with amazing views of the sea and surrounding islands. It was peaceful and such a surprise to find myself here by happenstance.

Albany coastline

Large collections of boulders protruded out from the trees and were streaked with water marks from thousands of years of rain showers. They were near perfectly round like the Devils Marbles near Alice Springs except they were grey. The colour of the ocean near the mostly rocky shore is aqua green in the shallows and darker blue in the deep. On the way back as it got dark the kookaburras were screaming and laughing. I could hear doves cooing from the brush and the occasional lizard jerked across the path. It was a great way to end my day. Albany is a well kept secret.

This afternoon I removed all the cabinetry in the main salon and pulled out the starboard water tank for inspection. It seems the inspection covers were leaking and the hose clamp on the vent pipe was loose. I tightened the hose clamp and caulked the inspection covers, put the tank back in, filled it up and tested it. I went for a walk up to the phone booth at the train station and when I returned,  all looked good so I screwed it all back together and will keep an eye on the level in the tank and the bilge. I won’t really know till I get back out to sea and start beating into the wind on port tack. I picked up 30 litres of bottled water just for a little insurance. I spent time this morning adjusting the slack in the tiller so we’ll see if that helps. 

After completing these jobs in the few days since I’ve been here have made me feel a lot better about the rest of the passage to New Zealand.

 There was a country market this morning at the top of the gangway on the foreshore and I was astounded at the variety and quality of the local produce, and me just leaving port! I bought half a cabbage, tomatoes, apples, and a bag of limes. So between the lemons, oranges and limes I think I have the scurvy covered.I am feeling a lot better in my stomach too and I think I have that sorted that out as well.

It is getting late and I have another big day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to clear customs, pay for wharfage, then cast off and sail for NZ where we can meet up once again in the Bay of Islands. I’ll write about the birds tomorrow. They have been spectacular.

I want to give a shout out to Margie and Karl (friends of friends) who were so kind and generous to Glenn while he was in Albany. Thank you for all your kind hospitality and friendship. It shall not be forgotten.



  1. Margie Hennig says

    It was a real pleasure to meet you Glenn. What an adventurous spirit you have. Safe travels . Glad you got to see our little part of this beautiful world. Come back again one day and bring MaryLou with you too.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for taking such good care of Glenn when he was in your little corner of the world. I’ve been flying around Albany on Google Earth from my kitchen here in Victoria, BC. Must plan a trip there soon. ML

  2. Happy to hear all problems have been solved, catch you on the airwaves soon.

  3. Glad the problems all sound fixed up and that you got to enjoy what sounds like a lovely place while you did the projects! Fair winds for the rest of the voyage :)

  4. Hi Glenn
    Di and I so loved that shoreline walk out to Mandira Beach that you so beautifully describe, when we travelled to Albany in 2009. A pity that you did not have time to also visit the nearby spectacular beaches on the Flinders Peninsula and the wind turbine farm there that can generate electricity equivalent to 50% of the local community’s needs. All our very best wishes on your sail across the Great Australian Bight through the Bass Strait. Ian Mackay

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for assisting Glenn while he was in Albany, Ian. I heard that you escorted him out of the harbour and saw him safely on his way. That’s the Aussie kindness at work. Cheers, MaryLou

  5. Well Glenn, I can feel the air and smell the scents as you describe the walk near Albany. I’m glad your spirits are high and you are feeling better. Speaking of spirits, I hope you managed to pack a wee supply of malt!
    Really enjoying your daily blog. All the best, James

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Yup … he’s pretty tanked up in the spirits department which, in both ways, should see him the thousand or so miles to NZ. Thanks James.

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