Adjusting to life on land January 18, 2014

 Glenn with Alek in Binningup

Another day of checking things off my list ….. but it’s getting longer!  Having Claire here to help me has been a pleasure and a God send. We now have a cell phone, which has made getting things done a lot easier. We’re pursuing many options for me to get home and as plans come together, we’ll let you know. 

One of the consequences of not walking more than a few steps a day while at sea is that after walking around all day my leg muscles are screaming and add to my drunken sailor swagger. Claire and I have taken the bus and train to get around Fremantle and Perth and enjoyed seeing much of the two cities while doing our errands. They’re easy to get around in and  we have enjoyed finding refuge in their many parks. People here are very willing to help the two ‘lost sailors’ and go out of their way to help with directions.

Maryanne and Alek “VK6APK” have been amazing friends and have shown us every kindness, from my first home cooked meal to guided tours of Fremantle and Perth sharing their home with us. They have been very understanding of our situation and helped me at every opportunity. I now have my glasses back which also adds a much better focus to everything I do. They are picking us up and taking us to visit their cottage in Binningup about 100 miles south of Fremantle. We will be there for a few days and are looking forward to seeing more of this fabulous country and meeting up with a few more people I’ve talked to on the Ham network but never met.

Glenn and Claire in Binningup

Last night we had a very pleasant surprise when our dear friend from Canada Hayley dropped by and shared a bottle of champagne with us as we talked of our many adventures and the impact they’ve had on our lives, both positive and negative. Both of us have experienced many triumphs and, many adventures that didn’t end the way we had planned.

West Wind II is proving to be a good shore base for us. The weather here has been fabulous, warm sunny days and cool nights, perfect weather really.The moon was full last night and made a beautiful scene here at the marina with the “Fremantle Doctor ” blowing a strong 30 knots all day and into the night.  



  1. martin willock says

    Aloha Glen Thinking of you today, so thought I would check up on you. I am here on the big island enjoying the winter. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. cheers Marty

  2. Great place for whiting and flathead fish Glen, Alek would have smoked them back at the ranch, enjoy your stay.
    Russ VK6NRI

  3. Hey glenn , this is Joe KD0RRM solo sailor on albin vega living the dream, we had a few conversations in the pacific – I am in Fremantle working for a few weeks before returning to the boat -when are you back from binningup? Will come around with a few brews

  4. Keep the updates coming!

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