An evening with Glenn

Going Solo presentation

Join Glenn and MaryLou on Monday, May 12th at 7:30 pm for an informal evening and chat in the main lounge at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club 3475 Ripon Road, Victoria, B.C. 

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Glenn will talk about his personal journey and the extraordinary experience it was. Hope to see you there!





  1. Rob Terstall says

    My last comments:

    Glenn, all the best in the future, and I still hope you either pickup your lovely boat in Freemantle and either try to complete your east-to-west challenge, or take MaryLou on a leisurely sail from west-to-east through the south Pacific islands. This east-to-west trip is do-able and very difficult, but requires the best possible safeguards including plenty of spare parts (like a shroud, sails or an alternator), and certainly a better water-maker. You scared me when you reported that you only had three liters of water left in the middle of nowhere, before you got lucky to hit a rain shower. It’s scary stories like yours that make the yachting magazines, creating many a head shake from experienced ocean sailors, and often risking other peoples lives in trying to rescue them when they get into troubles. In my ocean travels, I’ve met many single sailors, and it frightens me to hear them say that they go to bed at night without having a watch in the cockpit. For your information, it takes about fifteen minutes for a freighter, beyond the horizon and out of sight, and a sailboat to meet head-on! There have been too many single sailors that disappeared mysteriously on the sea as they were run-over by large freighters. I do admire anyone who sails the oceans and experiences the beauty of the sea and sky around you. I speak from experience, and I feel lucky and privileged to have done ocean crossings myself. Sorry, I’m unable to make your May 12th get-together, as I wouldn’t mind having a chat with you over a pint of Guinness. Have a wonderful evening on May 12th!


  2. Michael Fibiger-Crossman says

    Sounds great! What time is it?


  3. Alison Bacon says

    Hello Glenn,

    We can’t think of any better place to be on May 12th, other then with you and Marylou. Unfortunately we will be arriving home late that evening. All the very best from the ‘Bacon’ family.

  4. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Wish we could be there but unfortunately … no go. Much support and best wishes however from Sydney downunder.
    Sal and Geoff Dolman xx

  5. I may be a bit late mate, in Rockingham Western Australia

  6. Trevor Hurst says

    I will be there for sure!

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