Back in the water


Nov 26, 2014
6:07 a.m. Sitting at the nav station, boat is on the hard, bottom is painted and we’re going back in the water at 10:00 this morning. There is some weather moving in today and the grey over cast sky and howling wind would confirm that. Managed to get the second coat of paint on just as the sun set. It was a scorching day yesterday, 36 C by the end of the day. I was very hot and withered. Nice part about the heat is I could do a second coat after a few hours , during which I went for a swim at the beach just a stone’s throw from the yard.

Maryanne brought the stores down to the boat this afternoon as well as lunch, so we took a break, had lunch in the shade and then had a swim. I swam again later in the afternoon. Although the boat had been pressure washed, it was still covered in small white worm casings which had to be scraped off. I then had to hand wash the hull with a scrub pad and then rinse it off before I could paint. I kept a steady pace, all the time trying to avoid the energy sapping sun.

Andrew from WA Sails finished work on the main and will deliver it to the boat later today. In the bright night lights of the yard I saw a large moth bloom which gave the birds quite a feast. There was a terrible cacophony of screeches from the marauding sea gulls and that, coupled with the trains just on the other side of the fence AND, the wind howling in the rigging you might wonder how a man could sleep at all. I was so drained I passed out. I will change the zincs this morning and try to organize everything on board, load the stores Maryanne brought down then get ready to launch. I may have some difficulties getting back to the (boat) pen with this wind but hopefully I can get some help.

Another full day. Got the boat back in the water and put back in the pen before the weather broke. Thunder and lighting with heavy rain from noon on till later this evening. Hard to get much done so I accepted an invitation from Alek and Maryanne for dinner and will stay the night and head back down tomorrow morning. Planning to get the main back on and the water tanks filled up then check the trim on the boat.  

Lots of small details to sort out and I seem to be in a rush to get to NZ and feeling some pressure. I did manage to get a swim in between deluges this afternoon. I am getting lots of exercise – walking, swimming, and working on the boat. I have that very tired feeling after physical work, stiff as well but seem to have the energy to push on.  






  1. Always a ton of work to get ready for a passage! Wishing you well for the rest of the preparation and fair winds to New Zealand!

  2. Rob Terstall says

    Glen, I’m absolutely delighted to see you with your sailboat in Australia, and wish you a great sail to New Zealand!

    Rob T.

  3. Have a safe journey, Glenn, and thanks for the updates. It gives me a nice picture of something I have only dreamt about. Sailing in the Straight of Georgia is not like what you are doing, so I do admire you!
    Best wishes,
    Pavla and Dan

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