Battle in the Southern Ocean

Leaving Albany

Leaving Albany, WA


Leaving Albany, WA

Dec 9  36.08 S, 121.03 E

The great southern ocean rollers rush beneath us occasionally hanging their white caps on West Wind’s rigging and washing her decks with champagne foam as they march in legions towards their sudden death on the shores of Australia.

Occasionally  these unseen behemoths collide with West Wind with such force that they all but stop us in our tracks and shake us right down to our keel bolts. Undaunted by their intimidation, West Wind shakes off her attackers and soldiers on. 

Shout out to Mark McRae of Southern Ocean Sailing for taking these shots of Glenn sailing out of the harbour at Albany.  

 Mark is an experienced seaman having sailed to most parts of the world including Antarctica and Cape Horn. He teaches sailing, does assessments for boating licenses and generally helps people out when they arrive in Albany from distant shores.  

“Glenn is a wonderful person and I appreciated the opportunity to meet him and then sail out alongside to bid him farewell,” said Mark.

Thank you Mark. The shot of the two flags is emblematic of the strong connection we feel to Australia and the Australian people.

 Dec 9, 2014



  1. Great photos—wonderful to see West Wind looking beautiful and so ready for the voyage (and Glenn too, of course)!

  2. Fab pictures….can’t wait to see the boat and Glenn sailing in to New Zealand. Your porridge and hot water sound a perfect start to the day Glenn! Enjoy the ride. The sun awaits. xo

  3. Well said!

  4. Heather Loenen says

    Precious photos. We are cheering you on each day, Glenn!

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