Day 124 Less than 1000 nm to Fremantle 3/1/14

Jan 3, 2014Position: 34.15 S, 97.05 E

We are about 976 nm from Fremantle. This is a huge barrier to break through the 1000 nm milestone. The next big one will be 500 nm. We have light winds and small seas this morning with a foggy scotch mist and rainbows on the horizon, quite magical actually. The mist has been good so I can clean off the solar panels making them more sun absorbent which we badly need this morning as the computer is down and the so are the main batteries. West Wind has turned the light breeze into 4- 5 knots and has just surged ahead at an astounding 6.2 knots. Not bad when you consider the forecast was for calm all day. We continue to make steady progress. These light winds are easy on the rig as well. We have been on starboard tack now for almost a week which means no stress on the port shrouds. 

Heading: 90 T Boat Speed:  4 knots Wind: SE 10 knots  Swell: E 2m Cloud Cover: 80 % Temp: 20 C Baro: 1029 Miles in last 24hrs: 84 nm Battery Voltage: 13.4 v


  1. Glenn, this is such exciting news – so grand to have your goal getting close. We are in awe over your ability to keep things functioning under such challenging conditions, and to still find time to appreciate the wonders around you and describe them so eloquently. Keep up the great work! Love to you and Marylou from Mike and me.

  2. Susan Bassett says

    Yay for smooth sailing, starboard tack and rainbows!!!! Less than 1000 nm is very cheering!

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