Day 129 Rolling through the night 8/1/14


Jan 7, 2014

Position: 33.34 S, 105.30 E
West Wind is rolling through the night before a westerly heading for Fremantle five hundred miles over the edge of the Indian ocean. The sea chatters and waves break alongside. There is a bright half moon hanging behind drifting clouds. Annie Lennox fills my head with familiar tunes. Glenmorangie warms me. The thin layer of broken cloud is being chased across the night sky passing in front of the stars high above. The moon breaks through to spotlight a patch of wavy sea as though it was looking for escaped convicts, first here, then there, a random pattern mirroring the breaks in the cloud cover. A lunar lightshow chases the shadows left by the clouds.

It is comfortingly warm, the familiar tunes that fill my head take me back to another night in the Pacific Ocean seventeen years ago on our little Sannu II under star lit skies. I have sailed many ocean miles since then. How many sailors have witnessed this magic.

There are so many things to write about here on the ocean. How will I feel in a week, a month, a year, five years?

Heading: 80 T Boat Speed: 4 knots Wind: W 10 knots  Swell: W 3 – 4 metres Cloud Cover:  80% Temp: 22 C Barometer: 1020 Miles in last 24hrs: 83 nm Battery Voltage : 13.1 v Perth: 521 nm




  1. Douglas Aalseth says

    It had been my hope to be in Victoria when you sailed in after completing your trip around the world but that’s looking less likely now. From your last couple of notes its sounding that your trip is coming to a premature end.

    I want to say thank you for letting me follow along on the adventure. It’s meant more to me than you know. You see, back in August I first heard about your trip and I linked to the web page. When you sailed on the 2nd of September I followed along with eager anticipation. Then on the 9th I started my own adventure. Cancer surgery. As you cruised down the west coast of North America I read each days report from my hospital room. As you crossed the equator and closed in on New Zealand I recuperated at home with images of open seas and puffy clouds in my head. The joys, the setbacks, the wind and waves, and even the days you were becalmed were wonderful.

    In October I returned to work, on a limited basis, but each days letter from the South Pacific was a window on a world outside of Nanaimo. Now, I’ve been on five of the seven continents, crossed the South Atlantic by ship, been to the Middle East, seen sites from the Great Wall, to wild herds of elephants in Kenya, to Christmas fireworks in Rio. For the moment though I’m beached, becalmed, aground. Until I finish chemo and get the all clear from the Doctors I don’t dare venture far afield. Your adventures, the search for favourable winds, the worry about water, encountering birds and fish, the poetic way you could describe a moonlit night or clouds on a featureless sea kept me going. For that I thank you.

    I wish you fair winds and smooth seas and a joyful homecoming when you return.

    Thanks again.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thank you for sharing your story Douglas. I’ve sent it to Glenn. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to see you in Victoria one day soon. ML

  2. Lisa Smith says

    Hi Glenn and MaryLou – my grateful side is excited and pleased that you are rapidly closing in on Freemantle. My selfish side is saying, “oh no, I want to hear more about your adventures!” I do so hope that, come what may, you will continue to check in from time to time and let us know how you are doing and what lies in store next for the Wakefields. Much like Robin Lee Graham’s “Home is the Sailor,” life’s grand journey continues and there are amazing stories to share.

  3. Alan Campbell says

    Hello Glenn, Marylou and all — don’t worry about how you will feel in the future – it is the now that counts, and you are living it and expressing it so eloquently — the future will take care of itself when it comes along. Then it will be now too. As a port once said, to paraphrase, “a person’s reach should exceed their grasp, else what’s a heaven for?”

  4. Barbara Dashwood says

    Just to let you know we are still following you and have been since the beginning, We enjoy your posts very much and look forward to your and Mary Lou’s book. Strange, I have been listening to Annie Lennox lately. Randy just told me the Eurythmics are getting together again. Anyhow, keep dreaming your dreams. It sounds like Annie continues to dream hers. Our very best wishes,
    Barbara and Randy.

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