Day 131 More shroud damage 9/1/14

January 9, 2014Position: 32.57 S, 108.25 E

I’ve been inspecting the shrouds frequently and yesterday found two more strands on each of the port fore and aft shrouds have sprung. Not good news.  I will monitor the situation closely and adjust our sailing strategy accordingly. 

Lovely brisk morning here. Warm grey cloud cover with glimpses of blue that will grow as the morning stretches into the afternoon. The wind is light and the forecast is for more light winds. It has shifted to the south so we are reaching instead of running ( wind coming from forward of the mast). I took the pole down this morning and the jib is holding its own. At the moment we’re doing a respectable 4 knots, and with 382 nm to go, I’m sure we can  put a good dent in that distance.

I’ve been hand steering all morning in an effort to make headway in the right direction. Looking forward to the wind filling in later this afternoon. Tried to start the engine this morning. Starter will turn but not engage, so I’ll work on that this afternoon. Other than that all is well. Winlink station VK6KPS is back up and running. 

I am very glad I made the decision to come back to Fremantle to make repairs.  My worst nightmare is still with me until I make landfall. We will definitely make it to port come hell or high water!

Course 80 T Speed 3 knots Wind  S 0-5 knots Waves S 3-4 metres Cloud 100% Temp 22 C Baro 1023 Miles in last 24hrs: 77 nm Volts 13.27 Fremantle: 371 nm



  1. David Cook says

    I have and will continue to follow your adventure with great interest until you make it home safe. I’m sure there are many RVYC members doing the same. Your unassisted journey may be ending but your Solo World circumnavigation will still continue. You are a more accomplished and respected sailor for putting safety over your ideal dream. You are already feeling rewarded for your big decision. Meeting your friends is an extra bonus. I look forward to your return.

  2. Rick Townshend says

    “Hell or High Water” was the rallying cry here in Calgary last year during the floods and many days during your time at sea I have thought about you and how appropriate that saying is. I have marveled at how you and Marylou have brought all of your “crew” followers along on this journey!
    BRAVO ZULU to you both!

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Glad you were “on board” for the journey and happy to know you enjoyed the blog. Thanks very much. ML

  3. Pat and Fred Lark says


    If we could we would all be blowing on those sails to get you into port quickly and safely. Then we’d all give you and Marylou a group hug and let go when you told us too. Too excited to do or say anything else. We are all relieved you made the decision to come back to Fremantle.

    Pat and Fred

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