Day 133 Herky Jerky 11/1/14


January 11, 2014Position: 32.42 S, 109.49 E

Saturday night. The moon is shining brightly through the port light over the nav station as I sit and write. West Wind is beating into the south east wind at about 4.5 -5 knots. The seas are short and steep making the motion herky jerky and uncomfortable. Our course is off the mark by several degrees north. I am hoping we can pull that down before we get to shore, otherwise I will be tacking south to Fremantle.

My hope would me to get there in the morning. We shall see how it all unfolds.

Heading 90 T Speed 4 knots Wind S 15 Swell S 2 metres Cloud 50% Temp 24c Baro 1018 Miles in last 24hrs: 72 nm Volts 13.4 Fremantle: 297 nm  



  1. John Green says

    Not much more than a couple of Swiiftsures now Glen. Daytime arrival is a good idea. I have the charts open, and from Rottnest Island to Freemantle Sailing Club looks like a local knowledge area. Keep nursing her Glen

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