Day 134 Charting a new course 12/1/14


Jan 12, 2014Position: 32.47 S, 111.29 E

It’s evening, the rice is cooking and the stew reheated for the last time. The kettle is on for my evening tea. This day is coming to an end. We are less than two hundred miles from Fremantle, a fraction of the fifteen thousand we have put behind us these past five months. What an amazing voyage it has been. I have felt the full gamut of emotions. I have been as high as the milky way and the depths of despair. I’ve never worked as hard in my whole life as I did to make this voyage happen. We have all talked about the silver lining and the new journey, the discussion to turn back and what it has all meant.

Today I struggle to make sense of it all. Alone out here, I’ve asked many questions and have tired myself out and feel restless and unsure of the future. I broke my glasses today and the distance is now out of focus.  Until I get them fixed, it will stay that way. Where to go and what to do from here. How do I file this experience.  There are no real answers to these questions at this time. One thing I know is an absolute certainty is that I must make my way home to MaryLou as soon as I can. We will spend time alone, and together chart a new course.  West Wind II surges on faithfully through another night. Carrying me to shore, where she will learn her fate as well. How fitting that there is no blazing sunset tonight. 

There are many more dreams, hopes and desires within my heart and along with MaryLou’s dreams, hopes and desires, we will weave many more threads in our tapestry. 

Course 80 T Speed 5 knots  Wind S 15 Waves s 2m Cloud 85 % Temp 22 C Baro 1015 Miles in last 24 hrs:  100 nm Fremantle: 200 nm Volts 13.50


  1. God speed Glenn.

  2. Deb Carere says

    Glenn I will be imagining your face when you see someone who loves you. Xo Deb

  3. Eleanor & Malcolm Smith says

    Dear Glen,
    Not a day goes by and every night before we tuck in we read daily your incredible blogs! When I go for a run I think of how miraculous and strong your are following your passion and goals. We have quietly but admirably supported your quest and try to some how understand your journey the best way we can. Inevitably you are the one who has shared your feelings and incredible experiences and we can only say how amazing and proud we are of it and you! We have felt totally connected to you in reading your events daily!
    Glenyou have proven once again that you are a determined and great sailor. This life’s experience through your explicit writing has been heart felt in every way!
    Thank you for sharing your incredible moments and keep safe!
    Eleanor and Malcolm Smith
    RVYC Victoria, B C CANADA

  4. John Green says

    You better wash your clothes and get ready for Australian hospitality soon Glen. I was at FSC a while ago and the beer is real cold and just up the road is Little Creatures Brewery, a great place to recuperate. We are watching Glenn.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      As anyone who has ever been to Australia knows, the Ozzies will treat him well and give him a welcome he’ll never forget. I’m not sure if that will be a result of too many beer or just their legendary hospitality at work. ML

  5. Pat and Fred Lark says


    Pat and Fred

  6. Alan Strickland says

    Beautifully said. God Bless!

  7. Safe trip to Freemantle Glen. May the fix be simple and you can come home soon. You should be proud of what you have accomplished you are an amazing person! Terr

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