Day 135 On course 13/1/14

Jan 13, 2014Position:  32.21 S, 113.42 E
Made good steady progress last night. I’ve been concentrating on keeping West Wind on course.  With our present course of 73 T, we’re somewhat quartered to the sea and WW II  bucks and rolls a fair bit.  At this moment, we have 95 nm to the entrance of Fremantle harbour. When I’m 25 nm out, I am obliged to call Fremantle Sea Rescue on VHF 73 to make them aware of my position. I will also be in contact with
Alek, VK6APK to let him know as well. I’m excited and have been looking forward to meeting Alek and some of the other ham operators and
their wives. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them on the air and getting to know them during the short, but so very valuable conversations.

On the local news today and yesterday was the story of very bad bush fires quite close to Perth, brought on by high temperatures over the weekend, in which over forty homes were destroyed. Fortunately there was no loss of life but some people lost pets and livestock. The conversations were similar to those at home, most people put it in perspective saying the most important thing is that there was no loss of life or any one hurt.

I started a major clean up this morning – both the boat and myself – in preparation for my landing. Feels good to get ready and she is looking ready for inspection. About my own appearance … I did the best I could.

This time tomorrow, with luck ,we will be motoring into Fremantle Harbour. That is going to be very exciting!

Course 70 T Speed 4kts Wind SW 10 Waves SW 2M Cloud 60% Temp 23C Baro 1014 Miles in last 24 hrs:117 nm Volts 13.6 Fremantle 95.4



  1. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Glenn and Marylou,

    Breathe, just breathe. A big sigh of relief from us both and perhaps some bubbly. ” oh the places you’ll go.”

    Pat and Fred

  2. We’ll be raising a Foster’s in your honor as you sail into Fremantle harbor. And we’ll be there in spirit to welcome you back to Western Australia. Safe landing! Judy and Mike.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks you two. I have feeling there will be many raised glasses when we get word of his safe landing. Drink up! ML

  3. Dear Glenn, I have followed your journey since first hearing about it in the local press. I passed on the information to my dad and nephew in Calgary. My dad grew up on the coast and has a fondness for all boats. I read his own posted comment a few days ago. My nephew is in Sea Cadets and loves to sail. Your journey connected us in yet another way.
    Reading your descriptive posts was truly enjoyable. I think that we all felt your exhilaration, wonder, sadness. and love for your family. You have a wonderful ability to convey your experiences.
    On first reading that you had had a rigging failure, I felt so disappointed for you. Looking at the markers of your journey doubling back on themselves seemed so sad, but then I thought that there’s always another way of looking at something and you were heading to safety and that was a good thing.
    As you head in to Fremantle today, I hope that in addition to your excitement, you also feel pride for having headed out of the harbour and embarking on this journey. Congratulations.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for letting us know that Jennifer. Connecting with other people as a result of sharing this story has been one of the most inspiring and rewarding aspects of this journey for both of us. ML

  4. Good luck and happy landing Glenn.

  5. Val & Edris says

    I’m sure you’ll clean up just fine Glenn. Happy to hear you are also there. Thinking of you.

  6. Susan Bassett says

    I will have tears when I read your next post!

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