Day 135 LANDED !!! 1/14/14

FSC Fremantle

Clearing Customs at Fremantle Sailing Club

Glenn arrived safely at Fremantle, WA at approximately 11 am local time. He was greeted by a group of Fremantle Sailing Club members including the Commodore and Harbour Master, his good friend Alek and his wife Maryanne, ham radio friend Ted, and a group of well wishers.

In a brief phone call from the wharf, Glenn said it was a very emotional occasion and once again he was shown the very best of mankind. 

I’ll post a few photos as they become available. Thank you all for the outpouring of well wishes and support. 



  1. Love to all 4 of you. Xo

  2. Don Avison says

    Great to hear you’re back on land, mate and that you’re there too Marylou. Claire and I send our love. Hugs and an exceptional bottle of wine here when you get home!

  3. Hi Glenn Mom here on my new iPad. How are you? Happy you are safe. Have a brandy for me. Hugh suggests the Norfolk pub. Mary and Alex hope you’ll be able to finish your dream! Sitting at the Snug about to have fish and chips. Wish you were here. I really miss you Glenn. Hope to talk soon. Love Mom

  4. Alek & Maryanne Petkovic says

    What a day it was. We all simply collapsed with exhaustion at the end of it. My god, that man can hug!
    What a delight to finally meet him in real life. In fact, it was a double delight, because in the aftenoon, we all picked up Claire, from the airport. She had just flown in from NZ. We are very keen to see him head back home from this half way house but we also wanna have some real fun with both of them first. Thanks and cheers,
    Alek & Maryanne.

  5. Mary & Kurt says

    Glenn and MaryLou, we are so happy Glenn has made it safely into port. We have followed you from day 1 and shared every up and down. Best wishes from the Middle Kingdom.

  6. Glad you’re safely ashore! What an adventure!


  7. Sheila Lukasiewich says

    So glad Glenn is safe and sound. Have been following the journey and loved it all.

  8. susan & Ian Grant says

    Welcome safely back to Fremantle Glenn. We are so proud of what you have accomplished over the years, not just in this voyage but in all you have done. Cheers Ian & Susan

  9. Bruce & Pam Cline says

    Congratulations Glenn we are glad to know you and WW II are now in the safety of the harbour. Well done!!

    Bruce & Pam

  10. thomas Kerr says

    Glad you made it safely to WA. Thank you for sharing so much of your inspiring journey. Thomas kerr

  11. Graham Barnard says

    Great news you made it, Will tip a beer to you.

  12. David Burke says

    Welcome back to dry land Glenn.

  13. Congrats on an incredible journey!!!!! Absolutely amazing and impressive. You are safe and will get back with all of your loved ones.


    Dear Glenn
    We have been holding our breath and can now breathe easy that you have made it safely to Fremantle. Of course we never had any doubt you could do it Glenn. You are an amazing sailor and always were concerned with safety which is the only way to be on the ocean. We are so proud of your accomplishments. We will be looking forward to further posts and what ever decisions you make our hearts are with you. MaryLou you must be so relieved that the love of your life is safe.
    Love Ann & Steve

  15. Fantastic Glenn – so glad that you are safe and sound. You should be very proud of your achievement. All our best wishes to you and MaryLou and the girls. Eric and Anne.

  16. Alan Campbell says

    Thank you so much for sharing this emotional passage with us. This news of Glenn’s landing is such a milestone, a positive one. We are still out here eh? Please keep sharing.

  17. Douglas Adkins says

    Welcome back and congratulations! You have taught us all important lessons about life, fortitude, survival, our earth and love. We are proud of you and grateful you are safe. Now onward! Doug Adkins

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Wonderful to hear your impressions Doug. Thank you. ML

    • Dave Engel says

      Bump. Thanks Glenn. The Admiral has been reading along with me. She wants to know what you’re going to do, call it a day, or fix and finish? God Bless! Thanks MaryLou.

  18. Alan Strickland says


  19. Richard MacLeod says

    Time to stock up on some Fosters larger! Stay thirsty my friend.

  20. I am glad to see that you made it back to Australia safe and sound. What an adventure!

  21. MaryLou
    Good to see he’s in. I’m in Sydney 3000 miles away but if he needs any help from this end of town please contact me. I have sailing friends in Fremantle and Perth too but it seems he’s organised over there. If he gets a local cell phone SIM, please send me the number and I’ll give him mine.
    Best wishes

  22. Michael & Eileen Smith says

    It is heart-wrenching, but we are so glad Glenn is safe. We thank you, MaryLou and him, for taking us along via the daily emails on this amazing voyage. This was a truly incredible adventure.

  23. John Taylor says

    Glenn Elated and relieved that you have arrived safe and sound. Great work! And thank you MaryLou for letting us know. I have been wondering all day since the post of Glenn’s 3:00 am email. Very best wishes to both of you. John Taylor

  24. Jack Sherman says

    Congrats on safely arriving in Freemantle. Will anxiously await for your story and pictures. Thanks to Mary Lou for forwarding your story.
    Jack Sherman

  25. Taylor Echlin says

    Hurray. You are safe. Congratulations on making it to port in such fine fashion. What an achievement. Good for you. Taylor

  26. Awesome to see Glen arrive safely. End of one journey and the start of another. All the best. David and Karalee Greer

  27. Dear Glenn & Mary Lou I am so happy for you and your family that West Wind II has safely docked at Fremantle shores. Glenn, I know of no one who could have mustered up the courage you’ve shown through thick and thin in these last 1750 nm. MaryLou, hats off to you for being an amazingly brave woman in sharing in your husband’s dream and standing by him all the way. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey. All the best! Sincerely Ellie Dufresne

  28. Paul Vermeulen says

    Well done!

  29. Dawne Wooten says

    Congratulations! Well done, Glenn.

  30. lisa marie says

    Hooray! SO glad to hear you arrived safe and sounds Uncle Glenn! We’ve been following closely and have been with you every step. Sending love at this emotionally prolific time. Lisa, Jim & Oskar

  31. SUsan Bassett says

    Huzzah! And hurray! And Wooo Hooo!i champagne! Or the local beers!

  32. Georgina and Lawrence says

    So glad to know you hit shore safely, Glenn, on your own terms, in charge of the situation just as much as when you started. The experience, the insights, the lessons you’ve shared have all been so much more than simply about a man trying to get from point A to point B the hard way. Thanks for humanizing this superhuman effort in all your great posts. The journey continues.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Georgina. It’s been life changing for sure. We’ll get started on the book soon so stay tuned. Hope to see you soon ML

  33. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Thank you for the great news. Whew.

    Pat and Fred

  34. Patrick Dickie says

    Well done!

  35. garymagwood says

    Fantastic news …well done Glenn and MaryLou. You are both an inspiration to sailors everywhere…

  36. Heather Loenen says

    What a day! Thinking of you all.

  37. YEAH!!!!

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