Day 135 Mixed emotions 14/1/14

 Jan 14, 2014Position: 31. 57 S, 115. 02 E

It’s 03:30 am and I have made my call to Fremantle Sea Rescue to let them know I am with in the 25 nm range of the harbour entrance. I got no answer so sent them an email. The almost full moon is setting in an orange ball off our port stern quarter after keeping us company and lighting our path all night long. I can just make out the loom of the light house on Rottnest Island, 20 nm off our starboard bow.

In the air is the sweet smoky vegetative smell of land. I am tired, but have an adrenaline energy brought on by the our close proximity to land and the prospects of seeing new faces for the first time. Coming into harbour and seeing land for the first time in many months is always a cross between terror and pure excitement. I have been trying to rest over the last few hours but it has been fleeting.

I am going to make some hot chocolate and have a snack then wait an hour or so for the dawn to break and reveal the shore of the great continent of Australia.














  1. Jill Kawalilak says

    Hi Glen
    I am Jill, Sally’s friend from the Vancouver days. Ron and I live in Fremantle and would love to pop by and say hello, if you feel up to it. You can contact us by email, or on our home phone, which is 9336-3296.

    I was on the beach (on the sea side of Fremantle harbour) this morning at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning to welcome you to Western Australia. The water was mild and felt like velvet.

    Look forward to hearing from you and will understand entirely if it does not work with your plans.

    Well done.

  2. Steve Illman says

    Hi Glenn and MaryLou This has been an amazing journey to take with you. Knowing how much of your soul you have invested in this challenge, the way you have dealt with the upset of having to stop your dream is the lesson I will take away from this adventure. We worry about the potential catastrophes that lurk ahead in our lives, we try our best to prevent them, but when they happen, you have shown that you will be OK and I will be OK in my challenges of just living a regular life. Thanks for being so open with your thoughts. Happy to see you have made it safely to dry land. See you back on the docks in Victoria. Steve Illman

  3. David Jackson says

    Congratulations Glenn. Not what you had planned but nonetheless remarkable. Sound seamanship prevailed rather than heroics. You kept us on the edge of our seats, I swear I could even feel the boat roll. Thank you MaryLou for letting Glenn embark upon this adventure and to you both for sharing it with us. The best for the future whatever it may hold. David.

  4. Kaye Melliship says

    Hello Glenn…. Ian and I have followed your travels with much admiration and enjoyment… we were so sorry when you had to turn back, but really: c’est la vie eh? Ian’s cousin, a sailor as well, lives in Perth and is going to try to make it out to Freemantle to say hello … what marina are you at? Her name is Helen Waldron. Looking forward to hearing your tales when you are back in Victoria! Kaye Melliship and Ian Wison

  5. John Green says

    You will be on land by the time you get third Glen. It is not the adventure you started on, but what an adventure. Now, enjoy WA hospitality.
    John and Marg Green

  6. Good Morning Glenn,

    A excited Ted left home this morning to welcome you in…Jenny unfortunately has to work. Looking forward to meeting you.

  7. Sitting here onboard on the Thai-Burmese border reading your most recent posts and sharing the same moon. Congratulations on making it safetly to port. I might be jumping the gun since your last post said 20 miles to go but am pretty sure you must be in by now.

    Happy to hear you are safetly in and wish you all the best on your next adventure whatever that may be and with whomever that may be.

  8. I wonder if some of your emotions would have been like Cristophe Columbe after his time at sea then watching the new landmass grow closer with every wave. Good luck on your landing and `reintegration`into society. I will miss your posts but will look for your book coming out sometime in the future. In the meantime, I will probably reread all your posts that I saved. Salut.

  9. Dawne Wooten says

    Welcome back, Glenn, and enjoy every moment!

  10. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Glenn and Marylou,

    Congratulations, and thank you for taking us on your most personal journey.

    Pat and Fred

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