Ever so slightly closer

Dec 28


Thanks to Michael VK3LAN, ham radio operator 100 km north of Sydney, Australia who just sent me a message after chatting with Glenn on the radio. He reports his latest position, ever so slightly closer (at least on the map shown above).  

To all the ham radio operators who are chatting with Glenn, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for him while he’s at sea. You all do a fantastic job of ‘being there’ for him and for those of us waiting on shore. You have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. All the best, MaryLou.

Position: LAT 35 deg 0 min S, Long 164 deg 36 min E.


  1. Ellie Hallman says

    I’ve been following Glenn’s journey since a friend told me about it mos. ago. I seem to have missed, however, what motivated him to sail from WA to NZ. Ellie

  2. Susan Bassett says

    I just looked up the map of Bay of Islands – looks like a wonderful landing spot! Glenn will soon be home and dry!

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