Feeling the support

Dec 8

Great night’s sleep here snuggled down in the port berth, while West Wind II weaves her way through many miles of a big Southern Ocean sea at breakneck speed.

During one of my sojourns up to the companionway last night, I caught a glimpse of the big bright moon through the clouds.  As I looked at that bright face I felt many of the people who over the years have said they would meet me there and we would think of each other in other parts of the world. Claire in Auckland, Peter in Victoria and others. 

storm petrel

storm petrel at sea

Lots of petrels around this morning racing up and down the dark green watery hills and valleys as they pass unrelentingly beneath us.  

I feel good this morning. I’ve had my cup of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon juice to get things started.  My hot porridge will follow shortly.

I’m going to plot our position on the chart, check the weather, and work out a strategy for our course as the low passes just beneath us. Because of the very lively motion this morning the port bunk looks like a safe place to spend the morning and I can throw the sleeping bag over me to take the chill off.

My book “Citizens Of London” about Americans Harriman, Murrow,  and Winant during the Second World War is very interesting and filled with facts about the British-American relationship I was not aware of.  

Please thank all the people on the blog for their support, I truly feel it out here. 

Hope you’re having a wonderful day ML.


  1. Hi Glenn! So glad you’re feeling better and everything is working as it should (both you and WW II) As usual, Mike and I are keeping close tabs on your journey and wish you nothing but smooth sailing as you head toward the Bay of Islands. I spoke to MaryLou and I know she can’t wait to see you and Claire in NZ. Should be a great Christmas …or whenever you arrive. All the best, Judy

  2. James Nadolny says

    I’ve been following you off and on since your rig issues that forced your return to OZ. Thanks for the updates. Solo blue water is in my future plans and it’s great to hear your daily perspectives. Best of luck and be safe. James.

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