Giving myself up to the moment


Dec 13, 2o14

Today is the first day I’ve been able to sit in the cockpit and lie on the foredeck in the warmth of the obscure sun, as WW II pendulums her way downwind toward Bass Strait. Brings back lots of memories and very easy to give myself up to the moment for a long time.

Did some personal grooming and laundry as well as set out my rain gear to dry and air out.

I’ve just split open an orange and am enjoying the sweet citrus hit.

I spent a lot of time time on deck last night as the wind blew around the clock. I managed to keep her moving in the right direction even though the wind is very light. WW II and I are like a hand in a glove; she moves so well as long as she gets all the attention she needs!!

I will savour this day for as long as I can. Hope the weather is OK at home.

See you soon… but not soon enough.

Position:  35 54.480 S,  130 00.00 E Course 115 T Speed 3.5 -4 knots Wind SW 5-10 Waves SW 1.5  m Cloud 95% Temp 22 C Baro 1012 Miles in last 24 hrs: 125 nm Miles to Bass Strait: 585.


  1. Rob Terstall says

    It looks like you are starting to move along in the right direction. Great! I have not received a reply on my previous comment in what repairs were done to your ham radio in Albany? Since it was an very short stay I assume it was a minor issue after all. Looks like the wind is shifting to the west SW direction which makes the sail a lot easier and provides you with good daily mileage. All the best in the coming weeks!

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks very much Rob. I’ve sent him your question.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for the question Rob. The radio was nothing more than a loose connection in the panel. It took me about five minutes to fix …but I had to find it first. Electrical things are always a mystery. I was lucky to find it, I like to think it was intuition on my part, but then I wonder why didn’t I didn’t it and fix it wile I was at sea.

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