Heading home 29/1/14


With apologies for the interruption in regular blog posts this past week, it’s been a jam packed and emotionally charged time in Fremantle, and here in Victoria.

After clearing customs and passing quarantine restrictions, Glenn’s first hurdle after being at sea for five months, was to adjust to a world that was suddenly very still (insofar as Glenn’s world is ever very still). He met with the Commodore and Vice Commodore and Harbour Master and others at the Fremantle Sailing Club who were gracious and accommodating and made everything go smoothly. The first order of business was getting the rigging repaired and they were able to connect him with the right people to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

On his first weekend on land,  his long-time ham radio friends Alek and Barry and their wives Maryanne and Gina hosted Glenn and Claire at Alek and Maryanne’s cottage for a few days of hanging out at the beach, surf fishing, and getting to know each other over a few “frosty ones”. I was able to enjoy a virtual version of the party over Skype. 

The next big hurdle was making the difficult but practical decision to put West Wind II up for sale in Fremantle. There were many conversations back and forth and ultimately it was decided that selling her there was for the best. Claire and our friend Hayley rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help with the mountain of chores involved in taking inventory,  cleaning and polishing the boat inside and out, offloading gear, and a thousand other things to get her in shape and ready to show a yacht broker. Peter Robinson came highly recommended and was impressed with the sight of her and of course, with the way she sailed. Peter wrote “West Wind II certainly ticks all the boxes as a luxury cruiser.”

                                  Here’s the link to the listing.  West Wind II 

If you know anyone who may be interested, we would very much appreciate you sending them the link or letting us know who they are via the blog. 

While Glenn makes his way home, I’m clearing my work schedule and other commitments and making a few plans for his arrival. We’re both looking forward to some quiet time to reflect and share our thoughts about our solo journeys.

We’ll be offline for a bit and back here with some reflections in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. 






  1. Doug Turner says

    Congratulations MaryLou & Glenn on the successful completion of one leg of life’s journey and may the next leg will be equally as rewarding. Welcome home.

  2. Lori Wheeler says

    I received a text from Jim who said that he had met you dinner for Marylou . . . I was so jealous! I really must plan a journey to Victoria this fall after Stampede. I miss both you and Glenn. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be that Glenn was able to be with Claire in Fremantle.

    I love you both and I’m so happy that you are safe. I hope that you enjoy your time together very much! Lori

  3. James and Louise says

    Thinking of you both and know how important that time of reflection will be for you both. We are currently in Tauranga and heading for the Bay of Islands tomorrow. Will be in Auckland in two days then a road trip?? We will connect with Claire when back in Auckland.
    James and Louise xo

  4. Good decision to fly back, have posted a link to the broker’s listing on my Twitter page@FARANDA_ , hope to get lots of retweets to help sell her. Welcome Home!

  5. I followed you for about 3 months when I heard of your journey. I was quite nervous for you a few times and am very happy you are safe and sound. I hope to meet you both in Victoria sometime regards Donna

  6. Susan Bassett says

    Wishing you all a wonderful reunion, and many more adventures together.
    I have enjoyed your blog tremendously.

  7. Alan Strickland says

    Thank you both for everything! It has been a wonderful journey and well told by Glenn’s great descriptive writing.

  8. Pat and Fred Lark says

    We are happy for all of you.


    Pat and Fred

  9. Sonia Polson says

    Good wishes for some lovely, quiet re-connecting time.
    Sonia xo

  10. Hi Glenn, Marylou Thank you for sharing the adventure with the rest of us. The reports and updates were great throughout, and I’d like to reiterate that undertaking such a huge challenge took guts and determination, so I view your efforts with nothing but admiration and awe. Good luck with the boat sale, looking forward to having a chat upon your return. Take care. Alex

  11. Very disappointed for Glenn, amazing what a couple of pieces of SS wire can do to a fellow’s dreams.

  12. Hi Marylou: Glad to hear Glenn has matters in hand and he can finally make his way back to Canada. I will postpone my trip to the west coast for another time. Shirley and I are looking forward to meeting you and your daughters some day soon.

  13. Enjoy each other’s long awaited love xo

  14. Wow, what a huge and tough decision that must have been to put your beautiful West Wind II up for sale. Wishing you and your family a very happy homecoming.

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