Making good progress 20/1/14

All is well. We had a fabulous time in Binningup with my two ham radio buddies Barry VK6HX and Alek VK6APK and their families.

Barry, Glenn and Alek

(l to r) Barry, Glenn, Alek

We’re now back in Fremantle working our way through our long list and making good progress.

The damaged shrouds have been replaced and the new shrouds are in place. We’ve been busy making arrangements for a place to keep the boat, organizing the gear, making lists of inventory, keeping everyone informed about our plans and a thousand other things…

It’s a very warm 34° C today in Fremantle so we’ll be looking for ways to keep cool this afternoon. We’ll send more news soon. 








  1. Georgina and Lawrence says

    We hope the return to land has been good to you in all ways, Glenn, and to WWII. We look forward to hearing whether you’ll be heading back this way soon, or staying in Australia for a bit until the boat is back to rights.

  2. Alex Laframbosie says

    My Family and I have been following your blog with extreme interest since you launched from Victoria last September. Although we have never met, we thinkt of you as an extended family. Many days when your daily report was a bit late in arriving, we were all patiently waiting to hear that all was well. We continually were watching the weather via satellite in the areas you were sailing. I’m sure many of the hundreds of followers you have were doing the same. We were so sorry to hear when you had your rigging failure and knew that your dream was going to be cut short. Again we were very glad to here you were OK and that you caught the rig problems before you were in weather that was unforgiving. Your arrival in Fremantle was watched with interest, but then basically the news came to an end. I’m sure there are many other followers like myself that would love to know what your plans are, whether you’re going to sell WWII or sail her again or what? A closure to your adventure would be very much appreciated.
    Alex and Chris

  3. Francois Liautaud says

    Wow 34° C !!! Here in Montreal it is -34° C…. enjoy the sun for us!

  4. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou,

    Thanks for the updates as it is good to know all is well whether on land or sea. Wishing you all the best in preparations for your safe return and reunion with the beautiful Marylou.

    Pat and Fred

  5. Melissa Anderson says

    I am so happy to see you looking so well Glenn. West Wind II looks shipshape as well. I get terrible sea legs after just a day or two; I can’t imagine what it must be like to adjust to terra firma after 135 days at sea. But you seem to have adjusted well. What a thrill for you and your ham radio friends to meet up in person. Enjoy Fremantle.

  6. The grandees loved meeting you on Sunday.

  7. Congratulations again for arriving “home” safely.

  8. Hi Glenn
    It is great to get the continuing good news. Congratulations on getting you and the boat safely to Fremantle. It is also fabulous that you are personally meeting the Ham operators that you have written about so fondly. Cheers David.

  9. It looks like he is resting well.

  10. Good luck with the re-rig Glenn.

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