Noisy …with diabolical motion

Dec. 2, 2014

We are travelling across a grey sea beneath a low grey cloud cover. The sun is trying to filter through and illuminate the white caps topping the two meter waves coming from the opposite direction to the wind. The wind shifted about half an hour ago in our favour so we are now headed south just below Cape Leeuwin where I hope in the next few days to pick up the westerlies and head east to Bass Strait – about 1300 nm away. 

The ride on board has been very exciting but also very very noisy and the motion is diabolical.

industrial strength ear plugs

They look like miniature boxing gloves but these are industrial strength ear plugs to cope with the noisy conditions down below 

We were beating in 3 meter seas at eight knots with a triple reefed main and double reefed Yankee. West Wind II has shown some speed I didn’t know she was capable of.

I am still suffering from a touch of dysentery and have had very little to eat since leaving Fremantle. I am trying to keep hydrated, but have lost my appetite. Had a good sleep last night – only up a few times. Still tired and a little weak but will make one of my stews today if I can do it single handed. I have noticed a few birds around – petrels mostly.

The temperature has gone down as well, not -2 like you have fortunately but 16 – 17 C . If this keeps up, I’m going to have to get out my long under wear!

The moisture below is not bad at the moment. I am hoping to be off the wind in the next day which will be much more pleasant.

I will be sending you and Ron my noon position every day and I’m hoping he will do the weather for me again, If not, I will use Grib files from the ham net.

Going to lie down now for a while. Keep those cards and letters coming!

frozen north

Glenn’s reference to -2 degree weather here in the frozen north. Victoria, BC.



  1. Deb Carere says

    Yum stew hope that became a reality…..I could just see you downbelow with the green ear pieces in cooking up a storm. Do you have any power aide or alike to bring up your energy level. We use it…..electrolyte replacement….on each passage for the first few days when one isnt feeling your best and not eating. Really helps. Enjoy that yummy concoction…..and enjoy the weather…..Oak Bay looks bloody cold….Bay of Islands is gorgeous with highs in the 22 area daily!

  2. Glenn, following your progress and really enjoying reading the posts that ML puts up. I have my big map up on the wall and would like to track your daily progress. Everybody at MicroCool looks forward to it. I’m having to guess at your positions because you are not relating them. If it’s not too much trouble could you do that?
    You must be getting soft in your old age. The Glenn I knew would have been wearing cut-offs at 16 degrees!
    Take care of yourself kid and come home safe.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for your note 82. He wasn’t reporting his lat/long at first but the new maps now show his daily position. Thanks for following along. Hello to everyone at Microcool.

  3. Philip Harvey says

    Hi Glenn

    I hope you feel better. Rest and fluids are what you need, followed by rice and plain foods to get your stomach back on track. Maybe the dodgy bum is related to nerves, it would be for me if I were in those conditions so early on in the voyage. But, it sounds like WW2 is pretty capable and will keep you nicely safe.
    I have been following your travels and it is great to see your posts coming through, keep them up!
    I am in Melbourne and here if you need a place to stop off, or a hand if you need it on your way to NZ. I can also help to supply you with gear or medicine if you need anything, as I have a big RIB that can ferry stuff out if you don’t want to stop.
    Have a great trip and feel free to contact me if you need any help.
    Kind Regards Philip +61415715515

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Glenn! Doesn’t sound like much fun, motion combined with a bit of illness.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Ellen. Getting one’s sea legs is always difficult and in a big sea right off the bat harder still. Hope things settle a bit until then. ML

  5. Hi Glenn and MaryLou Glenn what radio are you running and what frequency do you use? Cheers Jeff

  6. Jean and Mike Layland says

    Warmest wishes from the Wednesday morning coffee club. Looking forward to when you can rejoin the gang.


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