Off the coast in light air

Nov 30, 2014

My old skills have fallen into place within the first few hours. The wind is just off the beam.  There are several different patterns of waves coming from a couple of  directions. I’m taking it easy, lying down and reading. Staying on course is very important because we’re close to the reef. We’re running parallel to it at about 4-6 knots. The wind is not so much gusty – as it seems to pulse.


One set of waves is right on the nose so occasionally we are brought up short by a bigger wave. When I’m lying down, I can see the sun pouring in through the port side windows in the main salon. By keeping an eye on the sun and its relationship to the port lights, I know when we are off track. I have checked the sail set a dozen times and can now feel whether it’s right for our course by the motion of the boat. These skills are very much a part of me, and I will always be able to draw on them. The motion, of course, is back with a vengeance and has caught me off guard a couple of times.  The motion as I speak, has just changed and it seems the wind is dying or getting light for a while.

Having a good first morning out in the Indian ocean. West Wind II is about 5 miles north of Mandurah, headed for shore on a starboard tack. I am sure it will take me a week to recover from from last week. I had so much fun. The wind is light out here but more than enough to keep me moving along at a pretty good pace. I’ve had some porridge and christened my new mug with a great cup of tea this morning which kept very hot to the last drop. Alek, I will keep the frequency open tonight just in case we can connect.

Nov 29, 2014

I am having an amazing sail right down the coast. It’s a little overcast and 25.5 C at the nav station.  Being only a few miles offshore I must keep my guard up and not fall asleep which I so badly want to after very little sleep last night. My plan to leave early is paying off. The wind has filled in very nicely from the southwest. I have full main and jib and our speed is very good along with our heading. The sea state is about 3/4 meter of swell topped with wavelets. Not too much water on the deck.  I have lots of power now that the wind generator is working.

I keep having flash backs from the last two voyages – some good, some not so good. Makes me realize what an amazing feat those two voyages were.

 Sleep well honey. I will be thinking of you.



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  2. Heather Loenen says

    Wishing you well! I very much enjoy reading your posts and experiencing your adventure from afar in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

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