Out to sea

WWII off Binningup

OK, this is a long shot. A trusted source tells me that Glenn and West Wind II are in this photo. Do you see the black lump to the left? That’s not him.

Look all the way to the right, almost to the edge of the photo on the horizon. There is a very small, faint, white triangle. That’s him. Can you see him?

If you squint your eyes in a certain way, a kind of wishful way, you can see Glenn standing on the lazarette in the cockpit with a huge smile on his face waving goodbye. Ok I made that up.

Thanks to our friends Maryanne and Alek on the beach in Binningup for taking and sending this photo.

And thanks to all of you for following the new adventure.



  1. Great to see the picture! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. John Taylor says

    Thanks MaryLou
    You can get a reasonably good view of the boat by zooming in. In Windows hold down the key and then tap the “+” key and bring the zoom up to 450 – 500%. Then use the bars on the bottom and right sides of the screen to move the view all the way to the right. Bingo! There he is! To return to the normal zoom, use the key in combination with the “-” key to bring the zoom back to 100%. Great to see he is underway and in better seas and sky than yesterday.
    Best regards John Taylor

  3. I was glad to hear he is on the waves again. It’s so interesting to follow his journey although I am glad it is not I battling the waves and weather. Thanks for the updates.

  4. Following and listening on (ham radio) band in hope of a hullo.

  5. Great! Glenn is there, easy to see with binoculars! Keep on sailing.

  6. Alan & Laila Campbell says

    Wow, neat! I zoomed in and there he is. Of all the pictures you’ve shared, this is the first “in action” from afar. Please tell him I now believe him after all.

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