Rough day

Dec 2, 2014

transom view

Still got the wind on the nose. Not only is the dog gone, but so is the chain. High winds, big seas.

Tummy no better. Hard to sleep, may have to take a pill. Any movement down below is not worth it. Could not make dinner if I wanted to. 

Hope for better day tomorrow. 

Miss you madly.

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  1. Deb Carere says

    Hang in there :) Have you got any ginger……munch munch it. Don’t eat peppermints or chocolate it actually makes the valve between the gut and tummy relax. Can’t say I miss those seas. lol x

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for the remedies Deb. Must be tough to start a voyage in those conditions without getting your sea legs first.

  2. Hi Glenn We are thinking about you – our night passage – enjoy your passage. D & C

  3. Susanne and Honey says

    01.12.2014 Hi Glenn
    I’m very happy for you to be underway again. If we told the truth what a pain single-handing really can be, they would not believe how much we love it….
    You might want to consider not taking the Bass Strait – much traffic, heavy currents, changeable waves, and the shore too close. We had a good rounding south of Tasmania in clean, deep waters. Take care, Susanne

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Susanne
      Nice to hear from you. I’ll pass your comments on to Glenn. I know he’s considering all options for his route to NZ depending on the weather of course. I also like the idea of rounding under Tasmania. We shall see. Hope you’re well. Are you voyaging at the moment?

  4. Hi Glenn
    The old roaring 40s are still blowing. It should get a bit easier when you get into the Southern Ocean and get them behind you. Good luck and best wishes as ever. Evans

  5. Jean and Mike Layland says

    Glenn, we have you in our thoughts — calming ones! Hope the weather improves soon and you can get some much-needed sleep. Hugs from Victoria.

    • Barry Johnson says

      Hang in there. Your experience will tell you you have to take the good with the bad . The next day might be a great day.

  6. Pat and Fred says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou

    On the road again. Where are you headed? Minus 37 with the windchill here. Just saying. Happy sailing Glenn.

    Pat and Fred

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