Running before 30 knots of wind

Dec 16 @ 08:49 local time, 22:49 UTC

Position: 38.03.058 S, 137 02. 753 E Course 82 T, Speed 7.5 knots. 

Dec 16

Amazing morning here running before 30 knots of wind in 3-4 metre seas. The sun is shining through the clouds and the horizon is covered in white horses.

The sound down below of West Wind running through the water is a little hard to decipher from the howl of the wind on deck, but the overall feeling is one that causes some anxiety and tension. I have just finished making a pancake and cup of tea, all done in slow motion with a great deal of care.

I poked my head out the hatch in between full deck inspections and did see the stern lights of a carrier heading west. One thing I’ve noticed is the difference in the speed of these vessels. Usually 7 knots, some are flying along at 15 knots. From what I can see I think my footprint is definitely on their radar. 

There’s a low groan coming from WW II’s rigging as she strains against the big wind and sea.

Here’s a close up look at Bass Strait that Glenn will navigate through in a few days.


Attribution: Chuq at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons




  1. Dear Glenn and Marylou – the verbal painting is just getting better. We love your experiences and your sharing it with us landlubbers. What has impressed me very much is that so much ocean is not empty. That coming passage through the Bass Strait shows it so clearly. As bad as the Pacific archipelago. No place for aimless sleeping and rumination! Wishing you both well and Happy Christmas and best of all, entry into 2015.

  2. Pat and Fred says

    Cheering you on Glenn as you navigate Bass Strait. Looks like you will be joining the love of your life soon. What a gift!

    Pat and Fred

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