Sailing on the edge of a high

Dec 21 - 2

Dec 21

Dec 21
Position:  38.07.966 S, 154 35.656 E

I’m having my fresh squeezed lemon in warm water to start my day. West Wind II has a very lively motion this morning as we are hard on a Northwest wind tearing along into a small <1 meter wave pattern making a steady 5.5 knots with full yankee and double reefed main. I have not had a chance to repair the torn reef point in the main yet. It’s a two foot long tear and at a structural point so will take some time to repair. I am trying to figure out if I can do it in situ because removing the main is such a big job and would require a very calm day. So till then we have a very functional main but  somewhat reduced in size, which if I am looking for any consolation makes the ride a little nicer but the speed a little less. 

The sun is shining through thin cloud and it is warm. We are sailing on the edge of a high that is moving southeast. I have no cricket on the radio so I’m not sure I can make it through the day. Very steady progress and all is well.

Course 76 T Speed 7.5 nm Wind NW  15-20 Waves Nw 1 M Cloud 10% Temp 19 C Bar 1020 Steady Miles in last 24 hrs: 126nm Miles to Cape Reinga: 888nm


  1. Alan Campbell says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou! Glad you have made it into the NW wind. About the mainsail, it’s not so much about speeding, it’s about safe endurance. If you have to leave it double reefed until landfall, so be it. Are you going to round Cape Reinga and go into Auckland, or what? Hope you rounded your Summer Solstice in good measure. Seems strange to think of that – our friend in Sydney has put her Christmas wreath on her screen door, if you will!

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