Solstice in the Tasman Sea

Dec 23  Position: 37. 52 S, 157.37 E

Dec 23

The wind has been blowing hard here all afternoon and is supposed to increase before it lets up. The wind has pulled the sea up with it and the ride is very physical. I am exhausted and my nerves are a little frayed. There seems to be no let up. In one way it is fantastic as our progress across is meteoric. We have just about 700 miles to go now. That is still a long way and when the wind starts to come on the nose, my progress will slow right down but till then I am trying to make the most of this opportunity.

The through hull fitting for the depth sounder has started to make a fair bit of water so I am pumping the bilge every couple of hours. Can’t do anything with it while we are pounding along like this so I will pick my time when things settle down a bit. 

Surprisingly I made a new stew this afternoon with one hand. I am going to put on some quinoa  now and have dinner.

I still have great boat speed and my course is about 90 T.  I’ll hold this course right through until tomorrow and when, or if, I get headed, I’ll tack north.

At noon tomorrow Dec 24, I should be at lat 37 55 S, long 160 30 E. That is if the North wind holds. That leaves me at about 600 miles from the Cape. I will
decide then which is best, but for now I will stay on this course. All is well! Happy Solstice!

Course 100 T Speed 7 knots Cloud 100% Temp. 18 C Baro 1021 Falling Miles in last 24 hrs: 133 nm Miles to Cape Reinga: 744


  1. HI GLENN,

  2. Barry Johnson says

    Wishing you a choice christmas on the dutch bro.(My attempt at kiwi)
    From the Johnson family of Perth. Have a great Christmas day with North Island sunshine and following winds.

  3. Wayne Dunsmuir says

    Glenn & Marylou I never miss a posting from you. Great reading. I am almost sailing with you. Put all these posts in a bundle; it will make a great internet book. Hugs to you both. Stay safe Glenn, Merry Xmas. Wayne and Judy Dunsmuir.

  4. Susan Bassett says

    I followed Glenn’s original journey, and am glad to be able to follow this one as well. Where will he go from the tip of NZ?
    Safe home. Susan

  5. Geoff Dolman says

    We had a lamb stew tonight. Probably not as delicious as yours Glenn. I am sure Marylou and Claire are looking forward to you cooking for them on your arrival in NZ. Next cricket test commences in Melbourne on 26th (Boxing Day). Hope you continue to follow.
    Cheers Geoff and Sally

  6. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Glenn is on his way
    Oh what fun it is to ride on West Wind’s wake, Hooray Hey!
    Jingle bells, jingle bells, Mary Lou awaits
    Oh what fun you two will have …….she’s counting down the days!
    Safe watch Glenn
    Ciao Deb

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