Steady on

Dec 3, 2014   34.36 S, 113.47 E 

Dec 2 w Cape Leeuwin

Great news …I’ve just finished my first dinner – the first real meal since I left Fremantle. It was my stew of course.  I hope it brings back my energy. I feel like I’m running on half a tank. Had some good naps and read for a while in between a few tacks and sail changes this morning. My hair is salty from my deck work the last few days and my ‘encounter’ with the waves.

The sun showed itself through the grey clouds this afternoon and it is once again unceremoniously slipping away on the starboard side. Out through the port side, its reflection is mirrored in the half moon now becoming more visible. 

We have been sliding along towards the south with the wind from the southeast blowing across a two meter swell coming up from the south. Our speed has been steady – around five knots with full main and jib. It is cool out but not as cold as you have been. 

Life on board is similar to my last trip, things are familiar, but the premise is much different. There is no grand scheme, no record to attempt, no intriguing life and death struggle. The dishes are done and I had a nap and read for a while. Just poked my head out the hatch.  Through a very thin layer of cloud, the moon is shining and a huge sun dog, or I suppose a moon dog, is all around it. Hopefully in a day or so we’ll get into the westerlies and start to run down to Bass Strait some 1400 n miles east.

I had my first radio sked with Cliff (in New Zealand) this afternoon and we talked for half an hour just like old times.  

I’ve only seen a glimpse of a few birds, that familiar gliding motion quickly up and over the waves disappearing for a moment then shooting up into the sky only to dive back down the face of another wave. Uniquely pelagic.

Heading: 208 T Speed 4 kts Wind SE 10-15 kts Waves West 2m Cloud 100% Temp 19 C Baro 1019 Steady Miles in last 24 hrs: 120 nm

Good night. XO






  1. It’s wonderful to be following your journey here in Victoria. I first learned about you on the Ideas show called The Godforsaken Sea. Thanks for doing what the rest of us only. dream of. Sending best wishes to you.

  2. Alan & Laila Campbell says

    We are anxious for your re-entry upon the great seas but happy you are not pushing yourself unwisely. Just come home safely and take everything in manageable stages. You are still inside the one-percenters of those who are determined enough to lay everything on the line for an adventure. Stay well.

  3. Jack Sherman says

    Hi Glenn So great to follow your trip again. Wishing you safe travels. Thanks to MaryLou for passing your adventure on. Will be following from Lethbridge (Alberta).

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