Taking longer than expected …

Dec 24

Dec 24

Dec 24

Fairly calm afternoon so I managed to get the main stitched up. I have come around to starboard tack and am heading north for the night to see if I can use the Northeast wind to get  some northing.

It’s almost 9:30 and the day has flown by. The wind died early this afternoon so I tackled the main sail and fortunately was able to do it from the cabin top sitting down while the boat sailed along, albeit very slowly along. Lots and lots of stitches and my finger tips are now sore from pushing and dragging the big needle through the heavy sail cloth, but it’s up and holding and pulling well. I tacked around and am heading north trying to take advantage of the shift in the wind to the east.

Lots of thoughts about being out here away from you tonight.  Merry Xmas. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

I now have a cup of tea in the cup holder beside me and I have just done 3/4 of and hour of  yoga – yes I know …hard to believe but true. It felt very good to focus on my breathing and feel my body stretch through all the exercises I made up along the way.

I’m working through some head games here. First of all being here and not with you three, but the other issue I have come to grips with is that I am going to be out here a week longer than I had planned just because the wind is not what I thought it would be, nor is it coming from the direction I thought. I made such great time getting here.

As in life, the solution to problems may not always be a straight line but one that takes a longer route but nonetheless gets you there. In order for me to get 600 miles closer to you I will have to sail 1200 miles. The most important thing to focus on is that I will get there, it will just take a little longer.  The thing I found difficult was to accept that it is going to take longer and I may as well get on with it because I won’t get there any other way.  I think the yoga will help me get through each day.



  1. Hi Glenn.

    Merry Christmas to you, Enjoy NZ when you arrive there. Love and best wishes from us. Anne & Eric

  2. What better way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas than what you are doing and where you are.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Karl Hennig says

    Hi Glenn,
    Merry Christmas. What tin are you opening for your Christmas dinner?
    Pity that it’s taking a little longer than planned. You solo sailers are tough guys. Hope the journey to NZ goes well.
    Marg sends her love and best wishes. She just bought me a new kayak for Christmas (even though we agreed – no presents this year) looking forward to getting back to Albany and onto the water.

    God bless,
    Karl and Margaret Hennig

  4. Merry Christmas, Glenn! We’re all thiinking of you here in California.

  5. Hi Glen, We’re watching your posts with great interest, as usual, and thinking of you. You may think you’re out on the ocean alone at Christmas, but you’re not. We’re there with you, inspirit at least. Have a merry Christmas from all our family, Mark, Lisa Charlotte and Sarah

  6. Ken Pfister says

    Hi Glenn (and MaryLou) it just occurred to me that it is Christmas where you are ….the very best of the season and safe sailing!


  7. Merry Christmas to all the Wakefields in New Zealand, the Tasman Sea and in Canada.
    Glenn, you continue to inspire us all. Truly amazing. Thank you for giving us a lift every day.
    Hopefully you will be together to be the first to see in the New Year. Love, James and Louise

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