WestWind II is coming home

DDay Trial Isl

West Wind II is now off the market, no longer for sale in Australia. 

Glenn will sail her to New Zealand in November, 2014 and further plans will be made. We’ll update the blog as we approach his departure date. Stay tuned.


  1. We are in the South Island of New Zealand. Look us up if you come this way!

  2. Looking forward to catching up with you in Perth…and following your adventure as you take Westwind home.

  3. I have not followed your full story of adventure, but will, listen in closely here forward on your trip. I too own a COmanche 42, # 23, Amakua out of Sausalito Ca. I have owned her 16 years now and attest to her grace and sailing quality. It is true as her name speaks to , AMakua, meaning guardian spirit in Hawaiian Huna religious understanding, that any such a material inanimate object such as a boat object that we bring our loving hands and spirit to becomes animate. This being a thing of esthetic beauty and functional grace , Amakua has taught me much about how to better move through life in our moving through the waters and winds of the SF Bay. I have not offshore sailed but wonder how and where in your adventures you as a solitary sailor have found peace , meaning and connection with the natural world , the sea, and your self . Life at sea on your own must have huge challenges of aloneness, risk of breakdown and life threatening moments on the edge , character building certainly, but I hope means to something greater for yourself than just survival and relief in getting through the maelstroms out there at sea.

    I know the healing forces of wind, sea and sky myself and for the veterans with PTSD I take sailing here through our Transformational Sailing program aboard AMakua. Now on your way back home, please share more with us about the personal side of how this sailing adventure has been for you . Thanks TIm Blair Captain Amakua Sausalito Ca ecoearthyacht@yahoo.com

  4. Alan Campbell says

    I for one am delighted. Hope we see Glenn and WW2 back in BC to complete the saga.

  5. Another adventure begins! Which port in NZ are you heading for?

  6. EVANS ( JOHN ) says

    hi glenn , marylou , & family,
    dont faint! hope you are all well? i am ( thank god ) , & still working part time ( dont like the ‘ r ‘ word ) , to pay for my travels , ( which i’m still doing ).

    went to bkk– petra– paris– versailles– ( as you do ), in march /april this year , for 5 weeks.
    still living in brisbane , & no plans to move.
    so , your coming out in nov , to get the boat?
    the new zealanders , are boat mad , so you may sell it there?
    my best wishes ,to you all.
    as ever, evans (john )

  7. Susan Bassett says

    I am glad that Glenn and Westwind II will be together again!

  8. Good call ,sailors….I’m pretty sure that WestWind is worth a lot more,both financially and emotionally than what the present deflated market can offer…..it would be delightful to see you sail into Gorge Harbour,Cortes Island,B.C.some day. There’s always a free mooring and a cold home-brew waiting for you at the West end of the harbour,close to our Alberg 35 “Osprey”. We’ve really enjoyed your blog,and relate to the disappointment of not being able to fulfill a dream,but I’m confident that other plans and other dreams are in your future.Best wishes,and fair winds, Hubert and Wendy Havelaar.

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